Ideal Gift Ideas for May-Born Taurus and Gemini

People born in May will have either the star-sign of Taurus (April 20 – May 20) or Gemini (May 21-June 20). A Taurus person is stoic, firm, warm, open, sensual and friendly, while a Gemini is social, intelligent, smart, and curious, with two unique personalities.  While we may have different experiences with people of these zodiac signs, choosing gifts for a Taurean or Gemini can be done on the basis of their astrology-specific personality traits and characteristics.

Especially on their birthdays and anniversaries, it is wise to select a present that would reflect their interest. You can send flowers internationally and gourmet basket to a Taurean’s birthday, while a decorative jewellery box to a Gemini.

There are endless gift options for both these zodiac sign people and we will introduce you to these ideas.

Gifts for May Born Taurus

Below are the gift Ideas for zodiac sign, Taurus.

1) Cooking Gadgets: Taureans are a foodie, but they also like to cook. Thus, on a special event, you can gift them a microwave or mini-barbecue grill stand. You can look for small kitchen gadgets as well, such as a juicer, mixer, vegetable cutter and organizer etc. If you know a May-born student who stays in dormitory, then a bread-toaster and mini-cooker would be a life-saver for the person.

2) Bouquet of Liles: The fragrant flower, Lily represents the month May. Thus, if a Taurean has his/her birthday, wedding, or other celebration, you can gift them floral arrangements of white lilies. It is possible to order lilies from world florist, from where you can even choose a greeting card and other presents.

3) Emerald Jewellery: Emerald is the birthstone of those who are born in May. You can purchase beautiful Emerald necklace for a woman and an Emerald finger-ring or locket for a man. The Emerald stone bestows balance in love life, brings peace and harmony, and generates good luck and health. It also assists in healing the mind and body. Thus Emerald jewellery or accessories are suitable for those with birthday in May.

Gifts for May Born Gemini

Following are the gift ideas for zodiac sign, Gemini.

1) Journal and Stationeries: To motivate the curious nature of a Gemini and let his/her intellect get better, you can present them a set of encyclopaedias or a general knowledge book on current affairs. A personalized journal and a pen with their name printed on these accessories would be ideal additions on their study-table or work desk.

2) Fragrant Scents: Aromas and scents are thoughtful gifts for a Gemini, as they like hygiene and beautiful things, thus particular about their appearance as well. A luxury combination box of body-scents and incense or aromatic potpourri for home interiors would surely overwhelm them. These presents would be appropriate for a housewarming ceremony of a May-born.

3) Vacation-Tour Voucher: As a Gemini person is social and loves to mingle, gifting them a travel voucher to their dream destination, would be wonderful. You can even plan a group-trip for them to a nearby serene locality or a day’s activity planned, perhaps on a weekend? Take them on a surprise tour to a national park with his/her favourite folks, or invite them to a concert.

When selecting presents for those born in May, you need to understand what they like, and it can be best understood by going through personality traits relating to individual zodiac signs. While it is easier to select tokens of appreciation for our close ones, it may not be so, if choosing a gift for an acquaintance, immediate boss at a workplace, or clients. Thus, it is important to consider tastes and preferences of people by studying about the person’s sun-sign, and then picking a present.

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