Facebook’s Other Inbox: the Feature Will Be Phased out Next Week

One of the latest news about Facebook —one of the biggest social media in today’s era— is the news about how Facebook’s other inbox will be phased out. You may not have been aware of this fact, though. This is mainly because many people are still not fully aware of the existence of this inbox. In fact, there are two inbox in your facebook account. The first one is the primary inbox, while the other one is the other inbox. The first inbox is the place where you get messages from people you are friend with, while the second one is from people you are not friend with.

Facebook other inbox

The problem is that, more often than not, these messages coming from people you do not know are annoying and unpleasant. There has been a lot of complaints coming from facebook users on how people use Facebook’s other inbox to send harassment and spams. This makes many users highly uncomfortable of using their facebook account anymore. The same problem haunts the facebook users who run a group. Because of this other inbox, they are affected since they frequently communicate with those people they are not friends with.

Another problem is how this other inbox is used to send creepy messages and online fraud to your message. You can surely ignore the message intentionally, but when these people keep sending you the message, that is so annoying. Facebook is supposed to be the place where you can have fun and enjoy your online friendship network. Considering all of these comments and complaints, Facebook now will phase out this feature from its system. This way, people that you do not know will not be able to send you annoying and unimportant messages anymore. All they can do is just sending you a friend request before they can send you a message, why by the way you can accept or reject easily.

However, in fact, this feature is not always so bad in fact. For your information, other inbox can be used to tell people you know, but you are not so sure that he/she is going to remember you. That way, you can send him/her about yourself and ask him/her to approve your friend request as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this feature is not used for its initial intention. In the near future,facebook’s other inbox will be phased out and no strangers can send you a message anymore!

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4 Comments on "Facebook’s Other Inbox: the Feature Will Be Phased out Next Week"

  1. hey, what is going to happen to the messages that are already in my inbox? and if i remove the add me button from my profile…..with the other inbox gone will there be any other way people could contact me? I dont like to keep the add me option available to everyone as many strangers keep adding me. Are they going to transfer the messages to my main inbox or what?

  2. ah really message from unknown persone that’s really harrisning. Day by days technologies are gonna upgraded.
    facebook also change their some feature.
    I also like that it’s like a gmail spam box lol.!!!!
    inbox and other ha haa haaaa

  3. I like it’s name that Other Inbox.because we can now secure our inbox and find friends messages and other unknown people’s messages separately.safe method.because some unknown people may be our friends so that they never be spam every time.so that this option is very useful.

  4. Facebook has released a new Messenger feature called Message … If you decide to respond to the message, then the thread will be moved to the Messages inbox. … the past few months, but now it is rolling out to everyone in the next few days.

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