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WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular Content Managing System on the internet; millions of people are making use of it today. The popularity of WordPress arise from its efficiency and flexibility, you can customize WordPress to any type of website when you have the right components. Apart from the server resources, WordPress is powered by two main components; themes and plugins. A theme lets you change the visual aspect of your WordPress website while a plugin let you add more functions to your WordPress site.

The WordPress theme is a very important component because it defines how a WordPress website appears to the general public, thus it should be neat, beautiful and well laid out. To impress visitors on the first visit is the aim of theme developers because if the mood is set when visitors are attracted at the first sight, they get engaged and ready to explore further. There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available in WordPress depository, and some others on external websites as well. Each and every theme claims to be the best theme suitable for its intended purposes, but really? Are they all as good as they claim?


Themeplanet is a new online marketplace for various website templates and themes. The marketplace will be providing native HTML5 website templates and themes for popular Content Managing systems such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and others. Themeplanet is hiring professional web developers to help in designing more cool themes and templates. All themes/templates on themeplanet marketplace are up to standard and are relatively cheaper. To evaluate the quality of Themeplanet’s themes/templates, let’s use these factors;


Speed is very important to every website, a slow website drives away traffic and website owners can lose a lot of revenue quickly if care is not taken. Majority of websites (including WordPress) has been optimized for speed but poorly coded themes/templates hinder them from their optimum performance. Themeplanet’s themes are simple and minimalistic, the codes are well structured to increase load times, and images have been optimized.


Speed matters but visuals matters too, a beautifully designed webpage fascinates visitors and set a groove for them to get more engaged. Themeplanet aesthetically combines simple colors with cool typography and excellent layout to arrive at outstanding designs.


All templates/themes are designed using a PC and are mostly designed for desktop browsers. Over seventy percent of internet users access the internet via mobile devices, and the reason why some websites look bad on the mobile devices is that the websites were not designed for mobile. Responsiveness is the term used for a design that adapts to all devices no matter the resolution while compatibility means all components of a theme/template performs equally in every version or type of browsers.

Themes/templates from themeplanet are built with HTML5 and Bootstrap 3.6+, so they are responsive and perform great on all browsers. Themeplanet’s WordPress themes are compatible with other WordPress plugins e.g. Plumber and Fashionist supports the Woocommerce plugin.


Majority of theme/template designers overlook this but it helps a lot in delivering a good visitor’s experience. It is not ideal to stress visitors when they are looking for contents on your website, or having to cross two or three pages before arriving at a particular page. Themeplanet’s themes make use of simple drop-down menus and mega menus to provide quick and easy navigations for website visitors.

With all these, it is quite clear that Themeplanet’s marketplace will be providing amazing themes that meet all standards. To give a taste of what will be provided, themeplanet is offering free WordPress themes; Fashionist, Plumber, and Prometium. Head over to and submit your email to download the free themes.

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