The Hidden Costs of Retiring to A Working Farm

Many people have the dream of retiring to a farm in their old age. Of course, many of these people don’t realise just how much hard work it can be to run a farm, especially if they are planning on making some money from it. On top of the hard work involved, there is also a lot of money that needs to be spent to run a working farm.

In this article, we are going to tell you a bit more about the hidden costs of retiring to a working farm. Keep reading to find out more.

Initial Purchase

While farms are typically out in the countryside and won’t be as expensive as city living, you need to think about the initial purchase. A working farm is going to come with a lot of land and the more land you have, the more it is going to cost you. You might be surprised as to how much a farm could go for in your local area, so this is something to consider before following through with your plan.

Cost of Supplies

One of the things that many people don’t realise about working and living on a farm is that you need an endless amount of supplies. Not only will you need to pay for livestock and seeds to grow your own vegetables, but you’ll also need general supplies such as troughs and fencing to keep your animals in. A quick Google search of ‘farm supplies near me’ will provide you with some results that you can use to estimate how much this will cost you.

Hiring Staff

When you retire to a farm, you might not expect to have to employ anyone as you’ll be doing it all yourself – right? Well, many people find that it is too much work and they are not experienced to do it all themselves and so need to hire staff. This is a hidden cost of living on a farm and it is one that you are going to need to consider. You also might need to provide accommodation for those that work on your farm as this can be common.


The final hidden cost that you might encounter when you retire to a farm is the marketing. If you are in an area that has a few farms, they will likely already be selling their products to customers. To convince these companies to allow you to supply them, you are going to need to market your business. Think about using social media and implementing an e-commerce ordering system.

Think It Through

If you are keen to go ahead with retiring to a working farm, you should make sure that you think through all of the costs involved. There are some further hidden costs that you might come across, but you should be able to deal with them. Hopefully, you’ll live a happy life on your farm with your family.

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