Reinventing Game Night in the Time of Social Distancing

As the coronavirus lockdown and other restrictions keep us all indoors, experiencing stress or feelings of loneliness is normal. But, there also are people who’re turning to jigsaw puzzles to cope in these troubled times. So, following the guidelines of social distancing and self-isolation, we bring to you a list of top-rated digital jigsaw puzzles that are a fun way to reinvent your gaming nights:

1. Jigsaw Planet

This is a free and excellent jigsaw puzzle app for Windows users supporting both tablets and computers. It’s nothing ordinary – you can create puzzles out of your own photos or even compete on leaderboards with its Xbox Live connectivity. This is a unique feature taking your gaming experience to the next level. 

2. Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re more of a smartphone person or don’t have a PC, install this excellent mobile game, Jigsaw Puzzles, by Easybrain. It has a massive collection of over 5,000 free and exciting high-definition puzzles that are sufficient to keep you engrossed all day. Not just that, you can also take up daily challenges, customize the difficulty (breaking the image into 400 pieces), track your performance, and enjoy the game alone or get anyone along to help you put those pieces together. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and is great for beginners and experts. Plus, the puzzles are very much accessible and conveniently available just at a few clicks, unlike PC puzzles. 

3. Jig Zone

This is a fantastic website that offers an interactive experience when you solve puzzles online. You just need to select the image, set the difficulty level, and begin the game. It’s a no-nonsense website with well-crafted puzzles that can be broken down into 600 pieces.

4. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

This one’s another exciting mobile app available on the play store with a simple layout and no complicated menus. It comes with free and paid jigsaw puzzles, both of which will prove to be a refreshing change during the times of social distancing and isolation. New puzzles are added every month, and you can choose to install whichever pack that suit your needs.

5. Jigsaw Explorer

Despite being a gaming site, it comes with the least advertisements which you’d ever see in any other site. Jigsaw Explorer just has a single banner on the top along with a clutter-free interface and tons of puzzles present right on the front page.

We hope you find these recommendations useful during times of crisis. Even if you’re working from home, send your friends a digital invite, grab a snack, hop onto the couch, and get going for the day’s fun challenge – a jigsaw puzzle challenge. Maybe you can also set up a remote “meeting” on a powerful conference call platform to chat and play jigsaw puzzles with your friends. 

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