Is It Worthy To Upgrade To Windows 10

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Many users are still yet to upgrade to windows 10. While some have their reasons, some just don’t see the need to upgrade. In fact, some users are afraid of making a change, worrying that upgrading to Windows 10 can bring some challenges. However, there are numerous reasons why it is time to upgrade. Windows 10 brings great compatibility, a faster performance, and improved security. It is good to embrace change and upgrading to Windows 10 is the best change one can do.

The great features that come with Windows 10 make it a good operating system for both businesses and individuals. Unlike the other operating systems, it’s easier to get a Windows 10 activator so you have no reason to be reluctant.

In this post, we will present some of the good reasons why you are missing out a lot by not upgrading to Windows 10.

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  1. Speed

The best operating system is one that is faster. Windows 10 brings the speed that every user would want to experience. It is optimized. When you start your computer running on Windows 10, you will not have to wait like what is with the other OS. This OS has a lightning speed when it comes to booting, launching apps. Accessing the web is also faster on this OS. This OS brings the latest technology from Microsoft which are aimed at giving a good user experience and enhanced performance.

Note that for businesses, having a slow computer means less employee productivity and to individual users, it can be frustrating when you start your computer and wait for almost 10 minutes before you can start using your PC so speed up your computer by following easy steps. Having a fast operating system can make your working easier and smooth and to employees, they can accomplish a lot of work. When you upgrade to Windows 10, you will notice that it boots faster, loads apps faster and browses the web smoothly.

  1. Security

For businesses and individual users, security is a concern when working with technology devices. Businesses must ensure security is at its maximum at all times as technology advances. Note that in case a security issue occurs, businesses can become vulnerable when security is not tightened. Computers that do not access updated security features are more likely to be infected with viruses. Remember, when a virus gets into your business computers you might end up losing all your data or your sensitive data may be exposed.

Windows 10 brings a lot of security features. Among the security features is the secure boot. Secure boot prohibits programs that are not approved by Windows from running at startup. This is a great measure as, malware and spyware that may try to run as your boot your computer is not permitted at all.

  1. Usability

Windows 10 comes with important enhancements in functionality and usability. Remember the start button you used to have in previous versions of operating systems? It’s now back in Windows 10.  This operating offers a combination Windows start tile and startup button. This makes it easy for users to access their programs.

  1. Automatic updates

Do you struggle to download updates for your apps and your system? Well, it is time to retire from doing such things. Windows 10 brings you the ability to download updates automatically without having to download them manually. Note that updates are crucial since they provide extra security, improves the performance of your system and fix bugs.

When an update is made available by Microsoft, your computer downloads it in the background and gives you a notification to install the updates when you are powering off your PC. The good thing is that you don’t get interrupted by updates so you can install them when you have done using your PC. This is an incredible way to make your PC secure and updated all time. 

  1. Action center

If your phone can give you alerts for messages and breaking news, why shouldn’t you get the same from your PC? Windows 10 will do it.  The Action Center in Windows 10 works just like the Notification Center in the Mac OS X, it will notify you of email messages as well as alert you in case there is a message for an app. With this Operating system, you will be reminded of your birthday or get weather updates.

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