Google+ Features and Tricks which are still Not Widely Known

All of us need to be thankful since we live in this era with all the simplicity. We can find a lot of technology which makes everything to be much easier and do many things in such the faster and easier way. Fortunately, we also live with the technology which enables us enjoying internet. That makes almost anything to be really easier and simpler. That is for anything. A lot of features can be enjoyed there. That is including the existence of the wide ranges of social media which can help us getting the better communication and also relationship with anyone including our family, client, or even customers.

For the users of internet, surely we have been familiar with a lot of types of social media including Google+. That is one of the most favourite social media nowadays. There are so many members of this social media. The users of this social media have the various purposes, as like the personal purpose or even the business purpose. Of course, if you are users of Google+, you have been familiar with this social media, and perhaps you have been really understood its features and of course the facilities there. Still, even though you have been using this social media in a very long time, you can perhaps do not even know many things about some of the features there.


Sure, many people still have no idea about the features which we are going to share here. The info below might be really helpful for you to know, especially for the users of Google+, for example on using the shortcut of keyboard there, creating Google+ polls, and many more. Below is the Google+ tricks and info you might need to obtain for giving you much more knowledge about using the Google+ features to the max.

There is the Keyboard Shortcut in Google+

Many Google+ users still do not know about the existence of the Google+ keyboard shortcuts there. Sure, there are the shortcuts which can make it really easy and simple. Sure, that is one of the simplicity which can be obtained by all the users of Google+. So, how to get the info about the shortcut? That is really simple because we can simply type or write ‘?’ or typing the question mark. That is the way to see the available shortcuts which can be simply used. There will be the list of shortcut which you can use and make your activities using Google+ to be much simpler.

It is Possible to Make Polls in Google+

Another feature which many users still have no idea is about making polls using Google+. Of course, it is really simple and easy so that you do not need to get really bothered. You can simply ask others to vote using the +1. The users can simply type option in the area of comment. After that, you can go to choose the option of ‘disable-comment’. The option can be obtained from the dropdown menu of your post. Thus, the post will be a kind of polls. That is a simple yet good idea for getting such the easy polls using this social media.

Monitoring Who Shared the Post You Have Made

Anyone who uses the Google+ can simply make any posts and others can also share it simply as long as it is not set as disable to re-share the posts. Still, many Google+ users do not know about the feature which enables them to know who are sharing their posts. That is actually so simple because you only need to get the detail info and visualization by clicking the dropdown box which is located at top right of post. Then, you can easily choose the option of ‘Vie-Ripple’. Then, you will get the details and information about that simply using this option.

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