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I’ve seen several people play trumpet without the use of a mouthpiece and I keep wondering how easy it was for them to do so. I’ve tried to do it myself, and it is just too complicated. It shows how vital mouthpiece is to trumpet.


The mouthpiece is an integral part of the trumpet, and it makes playing easier to do for all kind of players. Fortunately, most trumpets come with their mouthpiece, but for players who mistakenly misplaced theirs, there is a need to get a new one.

The question is how you will get to find the best mouthpiece for your trumpet?

Here are some things you need to check to make the right decision.


Trumpet mouthpiece comes in different materials. The brass mouthpiece is the common one and cheapest but it has a significant setback, and that is because most people have an allergy with it. It is why most brass mouthpiece you see today is coated with another metal.

The silver plated mouthpiece is another type, it is cost effective and naturally kills germs. The only setback with it is that the silver color tarnishes easily due to constant use, but you can restore the color to its original state by polishing it with silver.

The next is the gold mouthpiece. It doesn’t lose its value like the silver plated mouthpiece, but it is expensive compared to others.

Parts of the mouthpiece


The rim of the mouthpiece is the round edge of a mouthpiece that you place on your lips. There are two different types of rim such as the flat and rounded rim. The rim with flat contour allows you to add pressure from the lips to the surface to ensure proper air seal. Rim with flat contour is comfortable and easy to use.

The other is the rim with a rounded surface. Those who desire great sound production always go for this kind of mouthpiece. It is comfortable to use with less pressure required with the great and various production of different tones.


The cup is referred to the area inside the mouthpiece where players blow air into. The broader and deeper the cup, the darker the tone and greater the volume of sound produced from the trumpet. If you want a comfortable use of your trumpet, you should opt for a smaller and shallow cup which requires less effort to use.

When choosing the cup, two things need to be considered such as the pitch of the instrument and the physical capabilities of the player.


The throat of a trumpet is the opening leading out of the cup. The work of the throat is to allow players to push air directly from the cup to the backbore to produce great sound. You should consider a medium throat to get the best of your trumpet.


The backbore is responsible for transferring your breath to the horn. Depending on the size and shape of the backbore, it can produce healthy, higher and darker tone. It helps in the regulation of the intonation of the tone produced while playing.

Conclusion: Choosing the best mouthpiece for your trumpet depends on all that is written on this page. A mouthpiece is an essential tool that you can’t do without if indeed you want easy and smooth trumpet play and you must strive to get the best.



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