A Review of IOTransfer 3- Best iPhone Manager?

Smartphone owners, especially iPhone owners, would definitely need a reliable iPhone manager. Well, in case of the best smartphone manager for iPhone, you might want to consider using IOTransfer 3 for the file manager for your iPhone. Actually, most people who use smartphones might have heard of this application since it is one of the most popular file managers for iPhone. By the way, keep in mind that IOTransfer 3 behaves similarly to other file manager apps, like moborobo and iTunes. However, it has more features compared to moborobo and is easier to use compared to iTunes. Well, let us check the review of the application, shall we?

An overview of the software

When asked to describe what the software really is, then, the best answer to explain the true nature of the application would be that it is a software which performs as a professional iOS management software which you can use to manage the files inside your iPhone and the application also comes with a lot of tools and functions which surely are handy for managing your files.

IOTransfer 3 is a freemium software for managing every folder inside your iOS-based smartphone, as well as an application you can use to run a backup of your files which is comprehensive to run (backup is important to prevent data loss, by the way), and you can use this reliable iPhone manager to other purposes as well, like downloading a video from the internet, cleaning junk files, and transferring files between your PC and mobile devices via wireless connection.

There are useful add-ons and user-friendly iOS management tools that you can find by using this application. This application, by the way, also enables you to use your iPhone to transfer media files to any PC which runs on Windows. It also enables you to transfer files from a PC to your mobile device, by the way. But definitely, the feature which the users love the most would be the ability to remove the cache, browsing history, and junk files! The feature which enables you to download video from online entertainment websites like YouTube and Instagram sits in the second place.

Features and System Requirements

IOTransfer 3 is one of the best file managers for iPhone in terms of user experience. This iPhone manager is so wonderful since it is very intuitive and it is also very easy to use, even for those who have no experience in using it. Little or no distraction is visible and encountered every time you use the app to manage the files inside your smartphone. Well, what are the features offered by the software? The main features that are most notable can be found below this sentence. The features are:

  • A function to transfer files with wireless AirTrans,
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod manager with full features,
  • supports multiple languages,
  • a tool to clean junk files,
  • online video downloader and a free video converter,
  • the ability to import and export Audiobooks from iBooks conveniently,
  • the drag-and-drop method to import files inside your device, and
  • it also supports importing and exporting iOS contacts, but only in TXT and CSV formats.

Minimum PC requirements

Now, what are the minimum requirements your PC need in order to make it able to support the iPhone manager? Well, your computer would need to run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. Besides, you also need to ensure that it has RAM of at least 2GB and it also needs to have hard disk storage space of at least 500 megabytes. By the way, for your iPhone, it should have an iOS of OS 8 or later versions.


Right now, people who use Macbook should be patient since the application only supports the PC which runs on Windows. It is currently unknown that the company would release any versions which support either Mac OS or Linux. Well, keep your fingers crossed, people!

The price you have to pay

The next part of the review of the iPhone manager would be the price you need to pay in order to use the application. Wait, do we need to pay in order to use the software to manage our files inside the iPhone. Well, that actually depends on which version you download. The basic version is free to download, but you would get the version with trimmed features that are simply not enough for advanced file management. The pro or the paid version is USD 24.99 for a single license and USD 29.95 for a paid license, which are pretty affordable considering the features you would get.

Review of the software

Well, after we have discussed every factor which makes this application interesting to use, it is time to dissect the software and review it. This will be one of the most accurate reviews of IOTransfer 3. Now, let us continue to the review, shall we?

IOTransfer 3 is the best iPhone file management software ever compared to most management software that are available out there, and that is true, thanks to the level of intuitiveness the software offers to its users. The interface, by the way, it is very easy to use and the design is somewhat calm and simple, a sign which shows the high level of user-friendly that the software has. The features available work properly as they were advertised and no bugs are encountered during the tests. You need to get this software since it will never disappoint you!


IOTransfer 3 is very intuitive to use and it might be the best iPhone manager that you can find. The application is also rich in features, like file management service, online video downloader and converter, junk files remover, AudioBook importer, and others. Besides, it is not expensive and the basic version is free to download, although it does not have as many features as the paid versions offered. The paid versions are worth buying since the features inside are outstanding and helpful. Definitely, this iPhone manager is not the thing that you should miss!

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