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In September of 2021, Apple released the latest iPhone models, the iPhone 13 series. The flagship of the series is the iPhone 13 Pro Max followed closely by the iPhone 13 Pro. The series also includes a standard iPhone 13 and the popular iPhone 13 mini. 

Apple once again has released two Pro models, with prices that match the previous iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. 

The four phones in the series highlight the fact that Apple is aware that one phone doesn’t suit everyone’s needs. They’ve acted admirably in launching a variety to meet a range of their customer’s needs. 

iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

We’ll focus on the two top-of-the-line models as these two phones have undergone sweeping changes that include updated cameras, an A15 bionic chip, and a larger battery with longer battery life.

Apple has also rewarded fans for their brand loyalty by stuffing these two iPhones with almost everything that users have been wanting for years. 

The phones appear just as beefy as their predecessors. They’re thicker and heavier too. This is partly because of the larger battery. They share the same square look as the 12 series with glossy stainless-steel sides. On the back, you have a choice between four matte finishes, including gold, silver, graphite, and Sierra blue. 

The only slight visual difference on the face is that the notch is 20% smaller, which may give people who watch a lot of videos on their iPhones a reason to celebrate. 

Both phones also have the Apple Ceramic Shield guarding the face and an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. 

ProMotion Improves the Visuals

One of the most impressive updates for people who view a lot of media on their iPhones is the introduction of ProMotion. This advanced feature switches the refresh rate between 10 and 120Hz according to what’s being shown on the screen. It makes videos and animations smoother and makes motion graphics pop. It simply makes the visual experience so much better. 

Cameras are Also Much Improved

The other feature that will be immediately noticeable to people who upgrade from the 12 series is the improvements to the cameras. 

The main camera has the largest sensor ever put into an iPhone. The lens has also been upgraded to a wider and faster F1.5 aperture from an F1.6. Together these improvements mean a greater light-gathering ability, which translates to brighter and crisper images. The faster shutter speeds mean action photos will also be possible.

Available Online from Machines

The complete line-up of the iPhone 13 series is available online for immediate delivery from machines in Malaysia. The iPhones are priced as follows:

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – from RM5,299.00
  • iPhone Pro – from RM4,899.00
  • iPhone 13 – from RM3,899.00
  • iPhone 13 Mini – from RM3,399.00

With so many upgrades to this new series of iPhones, you’ll be amazed by the total user experience of the 13 series. And the larger battery, the addition of ProMotion, and the improvements to the cameras make this series well worth buying. 

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