How to Get People to Post Your Products on Social Media

Social media is where people connect with their friends, notable figures, and even brands. Done right you can create a very strong relationship with all of your followers. You don’t do this with witty wordplay – though that can help. No, to really put your followers at the forefront and center of your social media marketing campaign you need to set them as models or influencers.

You do this by creating either a product that is so beautiful people will want to share and tag you in it online, or by creating a great product and beautiful packaging. Flat lays are very popular on Instagram and Pinterest, and unboxing videos are very popular on YouTube. With the combined power of a great looking product and creative packaging you can encourage every one of your customers to become influencers in your name.

1.   Create Timeless Product Designs

Trends might help you have a huge boost in publicity, but they are always short lived. By instead creating a timeless design you can extend the life of your publicity and actually work towards making your item into a cult classic. Take sneakers, for example. The white, standard shape of a sneaker is familiar to many, and yet it is a design that has been around for decades. The neon, bulky, edgy versions, on the other hand, are short lived and the trend dies fast.

2.   Think About Your Packaging

Packaging is a great place to wow your customers, well before they ever finally unveil your product once and for all. Not only can great packaging be wonderful to encourage people to film unboxing videos or to take a photo of their unboxed item, it can also be extremely useful when it comes to getting your product off the shelves.

3.   Add A Narrative

Add a narrative to your packaging. Put in a small leaflet that explains its life story or how to use it, and generally try to add a small personal touch if you can. Big companies are less likely to be able to do this, but small businesses can. Simply keep your packaging on site wrapped up in cardboard baling and when the time comes to ship another product out, put it together with the recipient in mind. This sustainable narrative that you have created can stimulate people into promoting your brand online.

Even something as small as a handwritten thank you note will go a very long way, and be something so touching that users will want to share their experience online!

4.   Use Artistic Advertising

Do something unique with your advertising, either in terms of illustration or design. This will help make your product and your brand look more worthy of being in an art gallery than being on the shelves, and for those that like to share their lives on social media, this is a great move.

5.   Share Photos

Finally, share photos. Share product photos, share flat lays, share photos of your packaging, and most of all share user-generated photos.

Getting people to post your product on social media can be a challenge, but in trying you are actually working on making your product and brand into a cult classic that will succeed for decades.

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