LinkedIn Brand Guidelines for Your Success

LinkedIn is known as a professional social network where the candidates place their resumes in the form of a personal profile. However, LinkedIn is not only about the candidates but also about the companies.

Here, every single company can add its own profile, fill it with necessary information and open positions to attract talents. This is great for everyone: for the company, as it can raise the awareness of people about it, for the candidates as they can easily check all the information about company and contact the recruiters directly on the website, and the business representatives of a certain business.

The matter is that LinkedIn is a network that is used to improve branding, and you are to know that if you are planning to implement its benefits in your strategy. If you have decided to work on the company image, this article will help you prevent many mistakes and run a campaign that is successful from scratch.

Of course, creating a page for the company that will work effective for your business is not an easy task. The results do not appear just in a couple of days, and in some cases, you are to wait weeks and even months till the strategy works. However, the following recommendations and guidelines will definitely help to make this process faster.


Why LinkedIn is so important for a brand

Currently, LinkedIn has more than 433,000,000 users, and almost a half of them is active daily. These numbers prove that LinkedIn should definitely be used as a business platform. Here, you will be able to promote your brand easily, but the strategies that you should choose are different than those used for Facebook or Instagram.

So how exactly LinkedIn helps to establish online presence for a brand?


  • Talents search

First of all, this is about attracting talents to your company. In modern world, talents are what helps you stand out from the rest and provide the best service for your customers by creating top-notch products. People who work for you are priceless, and you should always find for more possibilities to attract talented professional and experts who will contribute to your success.

You can reach the talents by writing them direct messages or just by posting your jobs. This will help you to attract the bigger audience and to find people who are ready to work for your success.


  • Find your customers

LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most effective platforms for reaching new customers in B2B market. If you are a young company, this possibility will be priceless for you. Even if you still do not have a possibility to visit different events to present your services or products, you can do that easily on LinkedIn.

However, you should keep in mind that LinkedIn is less effective for B2C market. Still, it does not mean that you cannot use some strategies to promote your products here. But it will be better to tell more about what stands behind the product or service like your team, the idea, the philosophy of your brand.


  • Establish contacts

It’s vitally important for any business to extend by establishing new contacts and finding partners. LinkedIn may become a perfect platform to find people who are interested in cooperating with you, and who are ready to exchange some experience and cooperate to make both of your businesses grow.

It will be the first step to your success: first, you establish contacts on LinkedIn, next you find each other on conferences and events, and later you discuss possibilities of cooperation and mutual support.


How to create an effective LinkedIn page for business

LinkedIn is really one of the best ways to make your business visible online. However, nothing comes so easily. To be able to reach new clients and establish connections with other brands, you need to make sure that your page looks perfect. Why does it so important? The matter is that LinkedIn page is kind of your online face. You are to make it attractive and helping to tell everything about your business.


A good LinkedIn page helps to:

  • Tell about your business
  • Highlight your benefits
  • Point out the reasons to cooperate with you
  • Attracts new talents, contacts, and partners
  • Make your online presence stronger


So now it’s time to define how a good LinkedIn page should look like and how to create it.

  • Add the name of the company

The first thing you are to do is to add the name of the company for the page. Here is a rule: the name should be official, as people won’t be able to understand why the name of LinkedIn page is different from the name on your official website. Make sure you have verified your email and proceed with the settings.


  • Choose administrators

An administrator is the one who can regulate the activity on your LinkedIn page. You can be the only administrator for the page or you may choose other users who will help you with that.


  • Add the details about your company

If you do not want to be one of the companies on LinkedIn, you are to fill the details as precise as possible. Fill in all forms to make your profile look complete. The more details you indicate, the more visible you will be on LinkedIn.


  • Add your logo

Recent studies prove that people better remember visual information than the words. Therefore, if you add logo that is associated with your brand, it will be easier to your clients and customers to remember your company.


  • Describe your company

Here is where you can add some creative touch to tell about your business. Do remember that you have only 2,000 characters, so try to use this space wisely. Tell here everything that’s important to know about your company: the exact field of your activity, your achievements, your plans, etc.


Effective tips for business LinkedIn page

This is only basics for creating a LinkedIn page. However, if you want to make it more effective, you are to know and use some tips. Here they are:


– Find a way to stand among your opponents

Building a brand in LinkedIn is about making you different from other companies. It’s common to building a brand with your website or blog.

To create an effective page, you are to answer the following questions:

  1. What are your advantages?
  2. What do people want to find on your page?
  3. Why do people come to your page?

It will be nice to feature here relative content, to tell about your company and achievements, to showcase your most prominent works, etc.


  • Make it personal

Your page will be more effective if you use your personal experience. Ask your colleagues to actively participate in discussions, to tell about your company, and to share your posts. It will be nice if they add a link to your company on their profiles, as this will be of use to reach more prospects and make other people know about company.

Also, a good practice is to tell about your employees on the LinkedIn page. You may feature them in the posts and use their experience to share some insights and educate your visitors.


  • Generate content

Adding a page is not enough to build brand with LinkedIn. It will be more effective to educate people and share your professional experience with them by writing articles and adding slides to SlideShare.

This is just like a blog. The more valuable content you generate, the more people come to your page and get to know about your company.


  • Join LinkedIn groups

Never stay alone in LinkedIn. To create more awareness, you are to actively participate in related groups, join the discussions and tell about your business. The easiest way to do that is to join related groups.

There is a huge variety of them on LinkedIn. You will find dozens of groups for any niche. You can always create your own group if you want to share some particular information or to create your own community.


  • Comment and share other posts

Your personal engagement affects the engagement of your company page greatly. It is more likely that people will notice your company if you start to comment posts of other companies and influential. Do not ignore such an opportunity to raise your brand awareness.

LinkedIn can become one of the most effective platform for your business if you use it properly. You can enjoy all its benefits by following your tips and recommendations. Just do remember that you need to be persistent and work on your brand profile every day to make it work for you.


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