Best Smartwatch in 2016 that Combines the Classic and Modern

Tissot Smartwatch

Swatch did not exactly have good records when it comes to smartwatch; you should only look to TouchZeroOne and Bellamy to know that. However, Swatch’s new smartwatch product put broader purposes in its features. Tissot Smart-Touch, a brand new smartwatch Swatch has recently released, offers modest features that lean slightly to its original function as a watch, but the features are useful and have solar-powered battery charging system. Great product if you love classic watch that has modern features.

Features of Swatch’s Tissot Smartwatch

Tissot maintains the classic look that is the signature of Swatch, but the smartwatch is integrated with your phone and have several modest features. The features may not be in the same level with TAG Heuer, but it is perfect for people who prefer modest gadget with features that they will actually use. Swatch apparently aimed its new product to be simple in premise, and so far, it seems to deliver.

From the first glance, the watch seems like a classic “rugged-type” wristwatch, with black exterior. However, once you integrate it with your phone, you can use the features for several tasks, such as:

  • Knowing about local weather condition. Since the weather tool is solar-powered, you can get quite accurate description about your local weather condition.
  • Navigating your way around using phone integration with the screen and the watch’s actual hands.
  • Knowing your position on high ground using automatic altimeter.
  • Getting automatic time updates for various important events or appointments.

Tissot also uses solar-powered battery charging system, so it is quite environmentally friendly. Even if you use it quite frequently, the smartwatch’s battery can last up to one year.

Tissot Smartwatch Designed as Modest Gadget

Tissot is not a cheap gadget; the price tag for this product is between $1,100 and $1,200, but Swatch’s reputation as classic Swiss watch maker seems like a good reason to get the gadget. Plus, if you are a type of person who only uses several features in a feature-rich gadget, you will find this watch more efficient. The rugged look and the features make the watch ideal for active, outdoor-type people or very mobile people. The look is also closer to an actual wristwatch instead of high-tech gadget, which is perhaps a preference for people who prefer classic design.

The smartwatch can also work as regular watch even when you can no longer integrate the Tissot with your phone. This is exactly what Swatch aimed when creating Tissot; the company decided to create modest gadget that offers basic functions, with classic watch as its main function. The company also plans small for the Tissot; Swatch’s target is to sell between 20,000 and 40,000 Tissort smartwatches in 2016. However, this is of course not a good option if you look for a gadget packed with high-end features, especially with the price as high as Tissot’s.

In conclusion, Tissot still holds the true tradition of Swatch as a classic Swiss watch maker. Despite being equipped with features, they are modest, which put the actual watch as the main feature. This smarwatch is a good product if you prefer classic gadget with modest features that suit your actual needs.

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