Ways to Reduce Your Use of Social Media

Social media can be addictive. Even if you try to stop yourself, you will still end up spending several hours a day browsing your social media. If you check your screen time, you will realise that a massive chunk of your time went to social media use. It can be frustrating if you know that the addiction takes away your time from other essential tasks. It does not mean that there is nothing you can do about this problem. These are ways to reduce your social media use starting now. 

Turn notifications off

When you are not using your phone to browse social media pages, you need to turn the notifications off. The problem is when you see these notices, you will open the app, and it takes time before you move out of it. Therefore, you need to turn all notifications off since you can see the information later anyway when you are ready to browse your social media accounts.

Do not keep posting updates

Learn how to reduce your social media posts. The reason why you get addicted to social media is that you keep on posting updates. When you do, you will feel excited to see if people like what you posted or left a positive review. You spend hours checking on the updates. When you reduce the posts, you have nothing to check.

Set a timer

You can set a time when you start browsing your account. It can be thirty minutes of pure social media browsing and nothing else. However, once the time is up, you need to stop using your social media account and go back to your work. Whether notifications are coming or not, you cannot open your phone.

Check three times daily

If you want to limit yourself, you need to set a maximum number of times when you can open the social media page. It could be three times each day for every account. Once you reach that number, you cannot open the page anymore. Therefore, you need to be smart in deciding when to use it.

Do not worry about what you might miss

Another problem people face that leads to social media addiction is the fear of missing out or FOMO. They fear that if they do not open their phones, they will not know what is going on. If you feel this way, you need to understand that people in the past did not have social media. Some even took months before they received updates. They survived anyway. It will not kill you not to know what is going on for the next hour or so. You can use your phone later when it is time to do it.

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