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Holding a business meeting or conference in Mallorca may be challenging, especially if your organization does not know the island well. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent ‘business hotels’ in Palma Mallorca that can offer a conference room adjacent to their hotel. These venues are designed exclusively for meetings and events in Palma itself and will be able to provide the relevant facilities such as Wi-fi and electric points for your electrical equipment. Some even make available for your use hardware, such as laptops and various other essentials which can be hired.

Auditorium De Palma De Mallorca is another great solution to finding a suitable venue for a press conference. It is located in a very practical, central part of Palma and is only ten minutes away from Palma airport. The Conference Centre is partly built on the seafront promenade and is surrounded by some of the most modern hotels in the city. These types of conference venues can be an excellent choice if you allocate enough time to prepare and plan in advance.

However, in some circumstances, you may need to hold a press conference at the last minute for fast-breaking news. For example, you may learn just the night before that a legislative body has just decided to pass a law that goes into effect with immediate action and the body have agreed to an interview in order to answer any questions from the press. You may need to arrange the conference that very morning to collect facts about this new law’s implications. The only details that you may have is the name of the airport that the representative will be traveling to and their estimated time of arrival. How can you possibly arrange a press conference at such short notice?  Obviously, there will be little time for carefully arranged and detailed plans for conference preparations. You will need the nearest and most central location for all involved.

If you are looking to hold a last minute business meeting or press conference ‘on the go’, then the ideal location could well be Palma airport itself! PMI Palma Mallorca airport has VIP lounges for hire for large and small conferences, business meetings and press conferences. It also has specifically allocated meeting rooms where a press conference would be ideally suited.

Here are a few essential tips for preparing your conference room at short notice:

Adequate parking is a must. Ask if you need a large number of spaces to be reserved for your conference. Assign a team member to assess how many attendees are expected then allocate your suitably sized room. It is expected that more than a few electric points will be needed to hold a press conference, therefore ask before reserving the hall or room how many are available. Remember if your guests are from overseas and you will be holding the conference in Spain, you may need to provide electric plug converters in order to plug in cameras, microphones, laptops, chargers, projectors and the like.

Locate each electricity point in the room and then allocate the largest amount of electric points nearest the ‘head table’ The ‘head table’ will need to be the longest and provide enough room for all of the spokespeople. Remember to set out enough chairs for a generous number of reporters but equally provide enough space for their equipment.

 Tea, coffee and water are always welcomed refreshments and will likely ensure that guests spend more time at the conference. If the conference is held at the airport, remember that facilities outside of the room may not be as conveniently located, so create a checklist for what you would like the room to include for the guests.

Do you need a podium for the chairman or moderator? If so, is it necessary to add the organizer’s logo? You will no doubt think of more to do’s as you find out more details about the room and who will be attending, so take ample notes.

At PMI airport there are three ideally positioned conference halls at your disposal. Besides these halls, there are also practical meeting rooms. Changing rooms can be set up in anticipation if guests require them. Palma airport is an ideal hub to hold such a press conference, as attendees can continue on their journey as soon as the conference ends. Staff can monitor flight arrival times and arrangements can be made for attendees to be met and directed to the correct location of the event.

Catering can also be arranged if needed. For further information tel: +34 971 787 693

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