5 Tips for Attaching an Action Camera to Your Head and Helmet

Fans of extreme sports are increasingly interested in how to attach an action camera to a head or a protective helmet. Conventional video cameras and smartphones are hardly suitable for such cases.

In addition, they are inconvenient to use for first-person video filming. The best solution here would be a special GoPro camera or an analog from another manufacturer.

The challenge is how to install this standard device on a helmet so that the video is recorded from the desired viewing angle.

Mount Types

There are several ways to dock an action camera. It is important to remember that buying an adapter or retainer may become useless if you do not first take into account the mounting location. Depending on where the gadget will be mounted, the necessary fixture is selected.

Mounting types are conventionally divided according to the camera installation location:

  • helmet;
  • head;
  • body (shoulder, arm, leg, belt);
  • transport (bicycle, motorcycle);
  • sports equipment (snowboard, surfboard, canoe, etc.).

Depending on the type of helmet (bicycle, motorcycle, ski), the type of mount is also selected. The same applies to vehicles.

How to Install and Secure

When choosing a retainer, the model and brand of the video camera are additionally taken into account. Compatibility is critical. Neglecting this condition threatens that even an ideal mount for the helmet will be useless if it does not fit the action camera, does not recline or rotate in a given direction. The gadget is fixed using such devices as:

  • Suction cups.
  • Plastic or metal adapter.
  • Elastic strap.
  • Chest mount.
  • Staples.
  • Double sided tape.
  • Glue pad with adapter.
  • Rubber. 

On the Helmet

The answer to the question of how to attach an action camera to a helmet depends on its type. The easiest way to fix the video device is on a bicycle or best motorcycle helmet cameras. For this, ventilation holes are used through which a belt with a fastener is threaded.

On a closed motorcycle helmet, the camera is mounted using a curved plastic platform, double-sided tape and an adapter with hinges. Thanks to this, the angle of inclination of the gadget can be changed to achieve the required view for shooting.

To avoid losing your camera in a sudden impact, it is recommended to use a safety cable. 

If the purpose of video shooting involves some removal of the camcorder from the helmet, you can use the external holder. It is used in cases where the athlete wants the face not only to be completely included in the frame, but also not to occupy most of it.

On the Body

Elastic straps are used to keep the video gadget securely and comfortably on the body. Depending on where exactly the athlete or blogger is going to fix the video camera, the optimal belt length is selected.

Shooting experience shows that a chest strap on the body is the most suitable option for those who care about the absence of a “jumping” picture in the video. By installing a camcorder in this way, you can do without a stabilizer.

On Hand

If with the question of how to mount an action camera on a helmet, everything is roughly clear, then a hand mount, like the AIRON AC366, causes bewilderment among many. But there are also special solutions here. To fix the camera on your hand, straps with an adapter are used. If necessary, the accessory allows you to rotate the device at almost any angle.

On the Head

To solve the problem of how to properly install the action camera on the helmet, you can use a plastic mount. But what if a cyclist or other sportsman wants to mount a video camera on his head? This is where a head strap mount comes in handy, like the GoPro Head Strap Mount . It can be used where a helmet can be dispensed with, such as boating or hiking. For divers, an excellent solution would be to attach the camera to a special mask. 

Chest or Shoulder

A chest strap is the perfect way to achieve smooth video without using a gimbal. The length of the elastic straps can be changed depending on the size of the person. The camera is attached to a strap using a plastic adapter.

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Other Mounting Methods

There are several options for attaching an action camera to a bicycle or other vehicle. It all depends on where the athlete or blogger wants to shoot from. Some people prefer to mount the camera at wheel level, while others prefer to mount the camera on the steering wheel, on the tank or on the windshield. For each case, you need to select a special adapter, like the GoPro Handlebar Seatpost Pole Mounts, with a suction cup or Velcro. Sometimes staples do.

For Snowboard

For fans of snowboarding, surfboard or wakeboarding, you need to purchase a set consisting of an adapter with a socket and an adhesive pad to shoot video. Due to the fact that this pad has a sticky coating, the camera is attached very quickly. The only thing that the owner of the gadget needs to take care of is that the surface of the snowboard is pre-cleaned of dust and dirt.

Removing the adhesive pad is a little more difficult. To prevent traces of glue from remaining on the surface, you need to direct a stream of hot air from a hair dryer to the site for 2-3 minutes. The adhesive will then soften and can be easily removed from the board. 

By Car

To shoot video, many people prefer to use an auto-recorder installed in the car. But if there is a need to choose a more dynamic shooting angle, a platform with a Sony VCT-SCM1 suction cup or tape will come to the rescue . It can be attached to a car roof, door or hood. 

For Hunting and Fishing

Depending on the requirements for the angle of view, when hunting or fishing, the camera can be mounted on a special SP REMOTE POLE monopod, which is convenient to hold in one hand. You can also choose a camera with a waterproof housing or a waterproof case. If the device needs to be fixed on the barrel of the gun, an adapter with Velcro or adhesive tape is used for this.

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