How Much Money Should You Spend On A Drone?

How Much Money Should You Spend On A Drone?

As the use of drones for both professional requirements and fun increases, anyone can develop the interest. After all, these feature-rich drones have all the ingredients to turn you into a drone enthusiast. When you decide, it’s time to buy a drone; you would surely try to figure out how much should you invest for it? 

Well, the answer to this question can vary from person to person. It will largely depend on your preferences and goals. In this article, we are trying to make a sincere attempt to quench your thirst so that you can buy the first drone confidently. 

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Drones for the amateurs

The novice pilots who desire to explore the various features of the drones should not consider investing too much. The beginners should assess the drone packs the essential elements, including the support for aerial photography. Presently, there are many “under 200 dollars” drones available for them to test the functionalities. No, we are not asking you to get the “toy drones.” If you perform a little research, you can lay your hands upon drones that have all the bells and whistles to make you ready for the next level. 

Of course, the onus will be on you, if your desires are limited to flying the drone on your backyard or go for some drone racing, you need not consider investing more for the high-end drones. In this category, we also include the kids who can learn a lot. Studies indicate, the more exposure they get using drones, they can brush up their motor skills. 

Drones for the intermediate users

The second category drones are designated for those who want to test the waters but have some experience of using the UAVs. Thus, they can expect to invest around 250 to 600 dollars in possessing the drone with the desired features. As you can expect, even the inferior drones are fast becoming feature-rich, so it goes without saying, the intermediate drones will pack some more punch.

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Good quality camera drones that ensure top-class shooting can be found by investing the amount we mentioned just now. It should not be too challenging to choose intermediate drones. There are tons of resources online that can make you familiar with these UAVs. Soon after using these drones for a few months, the drone lovers can hone their flying skills. They can expect using their aerial shots for professional purposes too.

The Professional and the advanced drones

We need not remind you, when the first drone saw daylight, it was way too expensive. However, it did not possess all the features that some of the entry-level drones boast of these days. Nevertheless, it is expected, when low-end drones are keeping on adding features; the high-end ones now have mind-blowing features. Professional photographers, filmmakers, or anyone willing to pursue a career in this field should not hesitate to invest somewhere around $700 up to $2000. You can get most of the best drones under 1000.

When you opt for investing in these professional drones, the selection criteria can become more difficult. There are some companies like DJI that have become synonymous with drones. But, there are many more manufacturers who are possibly new entrants on the block but contain several features that you can utilize for boosting your career. Still, at the time of writing this piece. DJI remains the numero uno brand. But, as we just said, some new drone manufacturers are creating a buzz in this arena owing to their incredible innovations. One important thing to remember, do not focus on the price only. Please take into account factors like flight range, flight time, and the easiness of flying it more than anything. Thus, if you manage to come across a drone with utility features but costs a bit more, do not consider the budget, and go for the best quadcopter.


The bottom line, if you wish to make a living out of these drones, you got to invest more. The average drone enthusiasts will be more than happy investing for drones that have the necessary features but without the need to pinch a hole in your pocket. Here is one more exciting matter related to the drones, of course. Modern drones are witnessing price-drops since manufacturers are hell-bent of reaching their UAVs to every home. So, search wisely and invest accordingly.  That’s all, happy flying, and all the best for future pilots. 

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