The Important Circles Should Follow by Marketers on Google+

Google+ is also a potential social platform for digital marketers besides Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Google+ can also be a great source of news. By using Google+, you can add important people into your circles. Following them will enable you to read their shared information so you can get relevant content as worth materials to read. Some Google+ circles below may support your needs as a marketer in the fields of marketing, digital branding, technology, blogging and social media.

The Circles of Tech Journalists and Believed Leaders

As a digital marketer, you can get many advantages by following the circle because the important people like journalists, writers and reporters always share important contents. They shared marketing and tech contents for numbers of important publications. You can get the Google+ circles from Robert Scoble account in his circle of tech journalist and thought leaders.

The Experts of Social Media

You can learn about how to run online marketing via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media by flowing the experts of social media into your Google+ circles. The circles can be gotten from Gabriel Vasile’s that has the circles of top freelancers, marketing strategists in social media, and other experts in related industry.

Great Bloggers as Google+ Users

There are many great bloggers who also use Google+ as their social media. You can add them to your circles, especially those who specialize their posts in online marketing articles and industry news. Peter McDermott is one of the users who have many bloggers in his circles.

Digital Marketing Agencies

There are about 132 digital marketing agencies that use Google+. You can see the perspective of the agencies about the marketing world.

Great Women in Tech

By having the great women into your Google+ circles, you can learn many things and apply the ideas to run your business. Veronica Belmont circle should be the one to follow since the woman has the circles of great women in tech industry. You can learn many things from them such as business information, social media marketing, online advertising and business startups.

Marketing Professionals

Following the circles of marketing professionals will make you learn much about community management, relationship marketing, engagement technology, relationship management, etc. The circles can be gotten from Gideon Rosenblatt.

SEO Experts

It is also crucial to have the SEO Experts circles. The people can help you to drive more traffic into your website. Besides, you can learn about the most recent search engine marketing strategies, search algorithms, latest announcement, etc. by following the Google+ circles of the SEO experts.

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