The Best City Run-around Cars Available Right Now

Living in the city is convenient, but it’s not without its challenges; especially when it comes to driving! However, if you invest in a good city car, it can make life much simpler. If you’re struggling to decide which city car to invest in, below you’ll discover some of the best currently available on the market.

Hyundai i10

It’s not hard to see why the Hyundai i10 won the “Best City Car” award from top site “What Car”. Its main selling point is its low, affordable price, but it also manages to offer a unique and stylish design, an impressive level of space and it’s really easy and fun to drive too.

The car isn’t just affordable to buy, it’s affordable to run too. So, if you’re looking for something quick, stylish and low on emissions, this is definitely a city car to consider.

Vauxhall Viva

Unlike other cars in its class, the Vauxhall Viva features 5 seats instead of 4 which makes it a fantastic option for families. Another reason for its popularity is the smart styling, the decent kit list and extremely low running costs – the ecoFLEX pack has emissions of only 99g/km so you pay no road tax for the first year of ownership. If you are looking for a smart city car but don’t want to splash the cash, the Viva could be the one for you.

VW Up!

The VW Up! is a fantastic city car which is great fun to drive but also very practical. One of the main reasons that it is so popular right now is the fact that it is also very slow to depreciate, talking it a great investment. It is available in both 3 and 5 door versions, plus there are numerous trim levels and combos of alloy wheels, interior extras and seat trims to choose from.

The VW Up! Also boasts a spacious interior when compared to its rivals- this makes it a great option for families or those that regularly travel with a lot of gear.

Toyota Aygo Hatchback

If you’re looking for an affordable city car, you may have assumed Toyota’s were a little out-of-reach. However, the impressive Aygo is definitely a contender for the best value city car, especially if you manage to buy a used model.

Unlike a lot of city cars on the market, the Aygo manages to retain its own unique style. It also comes with a huge amount of extra options so you can personalise it to fit your preferences. It does come with some great features as standard which its rivals don’t too, such as remote central locking and LED running lights on all of its models.

KIA Picanto

The KIA Picanto is one of the more affordable city cars available, yet it does not compromise and is well-rounded enough to compete with the best city cars on the market. As with the previous models, the Picanto has a cool and unique design but the current version is better equipped and provides a much more mature driving experience. There has also been a huge improvement in terms of performance, with the new Picanto with the 1.0 litre capable of 0-62 in 14.3 seconds and spritely 66bhp and 96Nm of torque. The 1.0 litre also returns 67.2mpg and emits 101g/km – this ensures that it is cheap to run as well as cheap to buy.

Skoda CitiGo

Another great model you’ll want to consider is the CitiGo from Skoda. The brand is notorious for its impressive list of city cars and the CitiGo is a prime example of the quality you can expect.

It doesn’t have much choice in terms of engines, but the ones on offer do guarantee low running costs. They’re also specifically designed with city driving in mind so you know you’re not paying for unnecessary power. It’s really comfortable too and offers excellent handling.


Another fantastic value city car, the SEAt Mii is similar to both the Skoda CitiGo and the VW Up! But falls in the middle price-wise. Despite its miniature size, the Mii is a very comfortable ride and even at high speeds or on motorways. It handles brilliantly well for a city car and it is effortless to drive around town ensuring for a fun and easy experience behind the wheel. As with the CitiGo and the Up!, the Mii is extremely safe, practical and efficient – it should certainly be on your city car shortlist.

Overall, there’s a lot of city cars on the market right now, but the above are the top 3 on offer. Many do offer the same features, so it may come down to a simple choice of style. Each of the above models has its own unique design, so consider the image you’re trying to present before deciding which is right for you.

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