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Worried about your caravan standing outside in the open weather?

Well, if you are the one from Australia then it should be bothering you. That is because of the harsh climate that we have in Australia. The weather here keeps on changing. This is something that can be very harmful to the caravan you own.

Due to this reason, you should always protect your caravan with the right cover. As you don’t know how many ways the weather would be damaging your precious one.

Having a right cover is very important. Think about it if you buy a piece that took you hours to put on your caravan. After that, you realize that it does not even match the size of your caravan. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than this.

That is why you should go for Adelaide Annexe & caravan covers. They have a whole range of one of the finest caravan covers. These are designed from the best Australian canvas. Thus, the covers are durable enough that you won’t have to buy a new one for a long period of time.

These covers have zippers on four of its side. Thus, you can easily cover your caravan. The whole process would take you hardly few minutes. This time can be reduced to half if there are two people working on it. So, you don’t have to worry about the hard labor it takes to put the cover on.

Not just this, the covers also have a design for doors. That means you can easily open the door of your caravan and go in without having the need to take off the cover. You can have the cover on top always even when you are using it what can be better than this?

Most of the caravans have solar panels that provide them with energy. Covers can become a problem in that case as they might be blocking the sunlight that is required. For that case, they also provide covers with clear windows. These windows allow light to reach the panels.

Not all the caravans are the same. They have different designs and unique styles. Having the same standard cover for all of them can be troublesome. That means, there is a need to design a unique cover for each of them. To solve this problem the team gives the option of customization to each of its customers. So, you can create and design your very own caravan cover that exactly matches your need.

The team has been working in the field for many years. During these years they have gained a lot of experience. That is why, they know exactly what their customers are looking for. Due to which, in a few years the company has attracted a large number of people.


Caravan covers are very important as you don’t want the bad weather to destroy your caravan. You need to take some time out to keep it safe and protected. Adelaide Annexe & Caravan covers can be a  savior for you. They provide one of the finest covers that can protect your caravans no matter

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