How to Deal with Unwanted Post Tags in Instagram

Enjoying such a fun social media is something that great. That is not only for the fun and entertainment but it can also be the way for dealing with the business. We have so many various types of social media which can be used. That is including the social media of instagram. That is one of the popular social media platforms nowadays. That can be seen by a lot of people who are using this social media. Of course, almost all of you are also using instagram, right? That is such a good thing especially for people who love sharing photos and videos online. That provides the facility for the users on uploading, editing, and also posting photos and videos easily. Then, now instagram has been updated really well with various improvements and useful features. That is including the feature of the personal message which is also appeared nowadays. Perhaps some months or even years ago we just could not find this feature but now it is improved well. That is including the improvement of the editing tools and also the filters there. We can also tag friend or people to our instagram posts and we also can be tagged into others’ posts as well. Then, the posts will also be listed in our profile, in the category of -photos of you-. What if we do not like the posts where we are tagged in, for example when it is caused by the inappropriate post, disgusting post, embarrassing posts, and many more? Here are the ideas on how to deal with unwanted instagram tags.

Hiding Posts You are Tagged in

Sometimes we just feel that disturbed with the posts which are tagged to us as a post of us. That can be embarrassing posts and we do not want others to see it on our instagram. We can simply just hide it from our instagram profile or from the category of -photos of you-. The steps are really simple. First, you can tap the photo in which you are tagged in. Second, choose your name and tap it. Third, you will find some options there and you can deactivate the option of –keep in photos of you-. Then, as the result, the posts in which you are tagged in would not be appeared in your profile or in your –photos of you-. Those are the steps to hide instagram posts in which you are tagged in.

Removing the Tags

When you are tagged by someone in particular post, and you do not want to be tagged into the post, you can simply tap the photo, and then choose your name or tag of you there. Then, there will appear some options which you can choose. Then, you can choose to –remove tag-. Then the tag of you will be disappeared or removed. That is totally simple as the way for dealing with the ones’ instagram posts in which you are tagged in but you actually do not want to be tagged there. You do not need to get worried anymore since we can remove it.

Dealing with Instagram ‘Photos of You’ Setting

If you have been stuck and disturbed by a bunch of the unwanted tags in your instagram which will flood your ‘photos of you’ area, you can simply set it so that the photos would not automatically listed on your ‘photos of you’. What you need to do is going to the area of –photos of you- in your instagram profile; tap the setting which is located at the right corner. Then, you can choose the “Add manually” rather than “add automatically”. Then, the posts in which you are tagged in would not be automatically included in the list of your instagram “photos of you”.

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