REVIEW – JJRC Elfie H37 Is The Smallest Foldable Drone For Selfies

Hello my dear drone-loving friends! In recent years drones (and especially smaller ones) are replacing the selfie stick: in practice, more and more users prefer to do selfie with drones rather than with the smartphone’s stick. Just as it was for the world of smartphones, many companies in China have moved on trying to steal a yummy slice of the market at the undisputed giant drone manufacturer DJI.

This is also the case with JJRC who, after presenting many drones, expanded the fleet by introducing the H37 Elfie. This is a small foldable drone which, as the name suggests, aims to represent the new frontier of the selfie. You can shoot amazing “aerial” selfie photos safely and without any difficulty with this drone. Many user reviews have praised the quality and performance of this drone, with strong recommendations of buying it ASAP. Companies like myMobileGear, claim that with the JJRC H37 Elfie, the selfie trend got a full upgrade. Hearing that from experienced drone experts like them, I was very curious to find out what makes the JJRC H37 Elfie, a great drone for making selfies.

I like taking selfies on every suitable occasion, whenever I get inspired. Certain moments in my life or places I go to, simply imbue me with their uniqueness, so I cannot help but capturing them into precious selfie photos and selfie videos. I was in search of a replacement for my selfie stick for a while. To be honest, I got tired of holding the stick every single time I took a selfie photo or video. It got annoying, and besides, I want to be free from the selfie stick and do whatever I feel like at the moment.

Then, I heard of this special type of drones, called selfie drones. They are pretty much regular drones, with HQ camera installed, so they can do the selfie shooting for you. A friend of mine was already using the JJRC H37 Elfie, so he got me familiarized with selfie drones. He recommended myMobile Gear’s H37 Elfie, explaining that with this drone I will be able to take selfie photos and videos without an another person to control the drone or the camera. That was just what I wanted to hear – my total freedom in the selfie process. Instantly, I got these cool ideas of me jumping, running, doing some shaky acrobatic moves etc. while the drone takes selfie pictures and selfie videos of me. The excitement was too big to bear, so I got to the official website of myMobile Gear and find out everything I need to know about the H37 Elfie. The price of just $99.99 made my jaw drop to the floor!

This is a drone that points not only on taking great selfies, but on transportability as well. To do this review, I purchased the Foldable Mini Selfie Drone at 50% OFF – myMobile Gear. After several test flights, I was certain I made the right choice buying this foldable drone for selfies.

Despite being small and economical, however, it has all the features of a higher-end drone: it integrates a 6-axis gyroscope and a gravity sensor that will allow you to fly in all directions (right, left, top, bottom, forward and back), spin at 360 degrees, stay suspended in the air in the same position and automatically return to the base. The Wi-Fi FPV camera will also allow the user to have a “first-person” view on the smartphone. You get all that for such a great and low price.

Let’s find out all the qualities of this drone together in this full review, shall we?

JJRC H37 Elfie – Unboxing

The package box is made of solid cardboard and contains:

  • Foldable selfie JJRC H37 drone;
  • Built-in 3.7V 500mAh 20C Li-Po battery
  • USB adapter for charging the battery;
  • User manual in English;
  • Four Spare Propellers;
  • Black velvet protective case;
  • Screw driver.

As you can see, no radio control is present as it will be piloted via a smartphone.

JJRC Elfie – Design and constructive quality

The JJRC Elfie, as you will see, is a small, handy drone that makes its key points of compactness and versatility.

The drone is made entirely of ABS plastic material, in a black color, with a finish between polished and matte.

JJRC H37 Elfie is a foldable drone, well it’s not the only one among foldable selfie drones, but I like this. If I add its size and weight and that includes a sheath when buying it, it earns even more. I keep it in my jacket pocket and, needing only my cell phone to fly it, I can fly wherever I want. Not like a friend of mine, who to move his Phantom 3 needs a wheel case, lol, although that is another level.

Thanks to its design with foldable propeller arms, the JJRC H37 Elfie is easy to carry, has the size of a phone and weighs little (just 73 grams).

On the right and left edges, there are two recesses to accommodate the four small propeller arms in the transport position. Pulling them out is also very simple, just pull them out, until you hear a small click once you reach the usage position.

The orientation of this small drone for selfies is indicated by four small eye-shaped LEDs, posteriorly and frontally positioned, obviously with different coloring (white in the back and red in front). On the front of the JJRC H37 Elfie, you will also see the presence of a camera that can record video up to 480P with live streaming over Wi-Fi on the JJRC app.

On the top, there is the ignition key and the manufacturer’s logos, while the battery compartment containing the 500 mAh Li-Po battery is visible at the bottom.

JJRC H37 Elfie – Performance and Flight

Once you approach the flight part you will immediately notice the quality of this cute JJRC Elfie. The Elfie’s power button must be left pressed for a couple of seconds, so the Wi-Fi network is turned on.

Let’s start by saying that it will be controlled via Android or iOS smartphones or tablets, through a special application available on the Google Play or the Apple Store. You can also download the app by scanning the QR code. They have greatly improved the system, making to pilot this JJRC H37 Elfie. Thanks to its height control, piloting is easier than ever. With a little practice, you can get to do some fun flights and capture mind-blowing selfies in your most exciting moments and adventures.

Something that still has relation with the price, is the stability that (in the absence of wind), has the system of maintenance of height, with which when releasing the controls, your H37 Elfie will stay fixed in the place that you left it. This is something I have valued a lot, as usually, some selfie drones do not have this function.

The drone’s stabilization is entrusted to a 6-axis gyroscope, which should ensure good flight stability. In fact, the optimum conditions of use of this drone are the interior or exterior in the total absence of wind. Although the speed of the motors can be set to 100%, I noticed that just a slight breeze to put it in crisis, making it necessary to have an emergency landing and creating a substantial battery drain.

This stability makes it a very good option to get you started in the world of selfie drones, JJRC Elfie is ideal for learning to fly, its handling is simple, without any sudden movements. If you are outdoors (without wind, I stress), you will not have that fear of carrying it when you fly the Elfie for the first time.

Getting started is quite easy actually. I will simply connect the smartphone with the drone via a Wi-Fi connection, and open the previously downloaded and installed JJRC app. The drone emits its own Wi-Fi network with the label “JJRC-526E61.”

Within the application, you can manage the drone parameters, such as motor speed, or check the selfie shots and record real-time selfie video in an intuitive way. There are obviously the two simulated joysticks for the pilot and the commands for take-off and landing.

The JJRC Elfie will be able to take off and stand at a height of about 1 meter from the ground while maintaining the altitude, simply by touching the take-off button and the left joystick through the Altitude Hold function.

Something that I also liked is the Automatic Landing button. When pressed, the motors will lower the power to descend the H37 Elfie smoothly to the ground, posing without abruptness. If I am honest, the first time I used it I did not notice this option and when I lost control, I was overwhelmed, so I directly pressed the Stop button. If you do that very high you will burst your JJRC H37, be warned. I was lucky I was flying the drone just a couple of meters high.

There are also two other interesting features, one for 360-degree flips in the air and one called Headless Flight Mode. As you have guessed by the name, this feature will allow you to consider the drone as a material point, without bothering much of the real position where you are. When activated, the Headless Flight Mode makes the JJRC H37 Elfie fly in any direction even if you don’t know its exact location. According to the full description of the drone by MyMobile Gear, it is the Headless Mode which ensures a great simplicity in steering during the flight.

This little one is able to do tricks and stay so wide! At first, you may seem a bit confused but you will get accustomed to piloting drones with your smartphone. It is never the same as with the remote controller, but the truth is that the manufacturer has done a great job with the software developed for the control of acrobatics in this agile drone for selfies.

Back home. This drone, which does not have GPS, uses the same technology as its siblings to go home automatically. With just a press of the button, the JJRC H37 Elfie will automatically return to the phone with which it has been paired. For this function to work correctly, the same control and drone position in which it was at the moment of being paired should be maintained. Remember that it has no GPS and is the only way for the drone to be able to return home.

The performance of the JJRC H37 Elfie, as anticipated, is definitely very good, for a foldable drone that allows you to make fun selfie pictures and selfie videos in mobility.

JJRC Elfie – Selfie Photo and Video Subcategory

I would not hesitate too much to say that the quality of selfie photo and video shooting is remarkable. The adjustable camera, positioned on the front of the drone, is fully capable of ensuring satisfactory selfie shots in almost any light condition.  The angle of the camera lens is manually adjustable, i.e. you can move it up and down at ±15 degrees with your finger. There are two color versions of the JJRC H37 Elfie offered at myMobileGear, each with different camera resolution. The black one has a 0.3 MP camera, while the pink version has a 2 MP camera.

It also promises a live streaming video with FPV to 480P resolution and great quality selfie photos.

Given the character and the use of the drone, I was very satisfied with its performance in shooting some stunning selfies.

The camera also has an FPV option, which means that you will see in the app of your smartphone, live, what the camera of the JJRC H37 Elfie sees. This way you can visualize what the drone sees, before taking a selfie photo and recording video.

JJRC H37 Elfie – Autonomy

To say the least, the manufacturer guarantees that the built-in Li-Po 1S 500 mAh battery can offer 8 to 15 minutes of autonomy. In fact, I did manage to go over 10 minutes in good conditions and flying quietly with enough calm use and without any stress at all. I even consider recording some home-made videos of my favorite songs. Of course, I will be the main star of the show.

JJRC Elfie – Conclusion based on multiple user reviews

JJRC Elfie is a very innovative drone for making selfies, with foldable design and compact size. It has a built-in camera for taking selfie pictures and videos and to my utmost pleasure, it is very comfortable to fly. I would say it is one of the best drones there are currently on the drones market.

Surely this drone achieves a premium for its size, as well as its overall performance. The JJRC H37 Elfie can be considered an ideal gift for a friend or a very loving selfie friend. For a ridiculously affordable price of just $99.99, I wouldn’t think twice whether to buy this drone or not. So long my devoted fans of drones. Take care, as well as jaw-dropping selfies with your selfie flying drones!

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