Best Cars for a Vehicle Wrap

SUV with wrapped hood. High quality photo realistic render

Vehicle wraps are an excellent means of advertising your business to the world around you. Wherever you go, you take this rolling display with you. Further, a vehicle wrap is more engaging than a billboard and gains more market coverage from your daily vehicle use.

 There are some considerations to this type of marketing, however. Although you do not need a specific type of vehicle, some work better for wraps than others. In essence, you need a car, truck or SUV with enough space to convey your message clearly. Below are some thoughts to consider before wrapping your vehicle.

Wraps for SUVs

 SUVs provide the optimum canvas for a vehicle wrap. These types of vehicles feature large panels and doors where you can print more detailed information. With so much available real estate on an SUV, you can use larger print for important details like phone numbers and dot com addresses.

Wrapping an Extended Cab Truck

 Another great option for vehicle advertising wraps is extended cab trucks. Short cab, two-door models are not as effective as others. The extended cab provides more door panel space for important ad details. The bed offers some great graphic space, but is at an odd level and position for drivers to read the material in traffic. If you have a short-cab vehicle instead of an extended cab, a truck topper can make up the difference in ad quality between these two types of models. Simply add a truck topper and take advantage of the increased space at other drivers’ line-of-sight.

Vehicles to Avoid for Wraps

 When you have options through multiple vehicles, choose the SUV or extended cab truck as the best wrap canvases. Otherwise, avoid wrapping a convertible or subcompact coupe. Convertibles grab attention on their own, but provide extremely minimal square footage for crucial information like your phone number. Their small panels and wheel wells make up most of the vehicle’s body, eliminating quality print space.

 Subcompact coupes also tend toward problems for vehicle wraps. Although you can make these vehicles get a basic message across, they are small and low to the ground. This limitation makes it hard for most drivers to see the advertising. The ad space is minimal, too.

Rules to Remember When Wrapping Your Vehicle

 When you want to wrap a vehicle with your business advertising, you need to remember some important points. These include:

Choose a vehicle that works best for your business.

 If you need an economical subcompact for your employees to shuttle parts around town or visit with clients, work with the space that the vehicle provides for a wrap. If you need a truck, then choose that type of vehicle. A wrap can cover any type of automobile. So choose a car, truck or SUV that first suits your type of business. Otherwise, you find yourself with a great ad on wheels, but one you struggle to use daily.

Choose the vehicle you drive most.

 The point of wrapping a vehicle is making that wrap visible to other people. So you definitely do not want your advertisement sitting in a driveway, parking lot or garage most of the time. Better to choose a vehicle that hits the road every day, one you drive everywhere. When you wrap your car, take different routes to get to the same places and expose the ad to as many different people as possible.

Taller vehicles provide a better canvas.

 Line-of-sight is critical in getting more eyes on your ad. More people sitting in traffic can read the back or side of a box truck than can see a Prius. If you can use the added height of a taller vehicle to suit your business, then choose that type of vehicle and double its use by wrapping it.

 Remember that you can wrap just about any make or model of vehicle. For smaller spaces, you just have to get more creative. But with the right vehicle wrap company on your side, you can make any set of wheels work to boost your business.

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