Looking for a free antivirus software?  You’re in the right place, keep reading. Computer viruses are those types of malware that corrupt the proper functioning of your computer system. It slows down or completely damages the processes of your PC once it enters into your system and makes computer use quite unpleasant. Using a PC may seem like an easy task, but it is very important to take its maintenance very seriously. As there are so many viruses on the internet today, every PC is at risk of getting attacked by these viruses, thus, the need for antivirus softwares.  Some of them include: Bitdefender, AVG antivirus, Avira, etc. Some of which will be analyzed briefly.


As we all know, Bitdefender provides excellent performance and has been given credit for its efficiency. The free edition does not possess the advanced features of the paid product, but does quite a good job in providing basic security and is a safe choice for your computer system. It installs very quickly after download and works at maximum speed which assures you that it will not slow down your PC’s remaining processes. Bitdefender may be lightweight, but it is highly effective, it monitors the files coming into your system. It is not time consuming, doesn’t lag and doesn’t not contain intrusive ads. It uses a minimalistic approach therefore, it works perfect at the time of video or either image editing. It works perfect at the time of game or resource intensive program running.

AVG antivirus

It has been reviewed to be one of the better options to choose from. It offers very strong protection for computer systems that hardly any virus can pass through. AVG has also been credited for its excellent protection against phishing as it also searches for hidden browser ads and system performance issues. It is very easy to use and figure out.


It has a small system load while providing a good amount of system malware protection. Avira has an accurate protection and is thus an excellent choice of a free antivirus software for your PC. It isn’t too demanding and it offers malicious website filtering, and tracker blocking, albeit through browser extensions.


This antivirus software is notable for its high competent virus detection and automatic gaming mode responsible for muting pop-ups. It automatically reduces system load while you are playing a game. It does not slow down your system.

It is quite important to get your PC an antivirus as soon as possible if you do not have one. You never know which application, file or website may corrupt your system’s software.  There are many more free antivirus programs available to you, all you need to do is get one and secure your system.

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