Who Has the Best TV and Internet Bundle in Ontario?

If you’re looking at cable companies in Ontario because you’re interested in making a switch or have just moved, you may find yourself inundated with special offers. After all, it seems like every internet service provider is running a deal that advertises them as the cream of the crop. Whether it’s tossing in a free subscription to a streaming platform like DisneyPlus or offering statement credits after your first month of service, there are a lot of factors to consider when thinking through which ISP you’re going to choose.

While asking yourself the question “Who has the best TV and internet bundle in Ontario?” is a reasonable place to start your research, it’s far more important that you find a good deal on a cable company that actually meets your needs and provides real value. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you browse different ISP deals in your zip code.

Do you need a rural internet provider or do you want cable internet?

One of the first things to keep in mind when shopping around is that even if you want a cable provider, some home internet providers are only going to be able to provide certain equipment and speeds if you live in a rural area. This means that you may be limited to using DSL setups or even dial-up in order to get the internet from a particular provider. However, not every ISP limits your home internet options to such antiquated technology.

Wavedirect, for example, is actually able to offer high-speed internet to rural areas in Ontario. Rather than having to rely on outdated setups and phone lines, Wavedirect transmits fixed wireless internet via satellite dish to your home. This means that you can get the speeds you need no matter what your postal code is, helping you to make the most of your internet service. As a result, many customers in the Ontario area turn to Wavedirect when cable internet speeds are a must.

How do you plan to use your internet connection?

Another important question to consider when shopping for different internet deals is that the way you use your service can have a big impact on what kind of speeds you’re looking at. While the best option when it comes to price may be a slower speed, if you frequently stream video or play games online, it’s a better idea to get a cable internet subscription with a much higher speed range.

That being said, you may not always need fast speeds. Even so, since many people are working from home and even using telehealth services to visit their doctors these days, having a higher speed internet plan isn’t a bad idea. Especially when you can take advantage of a great bundle, it doesn’t hurt to future-proof your internet and cable service if you can find the room in your budget.

What channels matter the most to you?

Many times, cable providers try and lock you into a premium package of channels, but you may already have other subscriptions to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO which give you access to the shows you care most about from specific channels. While some people still like to watch television programs like the Academy Awards or Super Bowl live as they air, others couldn’t care less about what TV channels they get.

Sometimes, it may actually make more sense to opt for a TV-internet bundle, even if you only care about higher internet speeds so you can stream the shows that matter to you on Netflix. While this seems silly on its face, if you’re really serious about saving money by bundling your TV and internet service together, it may make sense to spring for this kind of deal. Especially if you really want to save money on both and plan on using both services, bundling is a great option that can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

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