Where To Buy Ideal Cut Diamonds in Singapore?

No other precious gemstone can symbolize love better than a diamond! So, if you are planning your wedding ceremony, make sure that you customize your engagement ring that would make your partner feel special. The trick to customize the best diamond ring within your budget is to select an ace diamond retailer.

Today, there are several Singapore Diamond retailers that you can choose from to customize your wedding ring. Some of the famous names are as follows:

  1. JannPaul Diamonds

Women love diamonds. And JannPaul understands that better than most diamond retailer brands. It is the reason why the brand designs and manufactures unique wedding diamond rings, for the new age woman. You can select from the traditional yellow gold diamond ring to the classy white gold diamond rings that look close to a solitaire. The company also specializes in exclusive solitaire rings that you can design according to your requirements. The brand provides the best value for the price and also deals in authentic diamonds.

  • The Canary Diamond Co Pte Ltd

This brand receives accolades for its workmanship, commitment, and creativity! You can request the company for an initial consultation to hear your requirements. The Canary Diamond can have an in-depth understanding of customer personality and preference. The company uses sketches as the starting phase to incorporate your ideas in wedding ring design.

The company helps you to decide on the color, cut, and diamond clarity. And it provides you with the correct certification. The Canary Diamond impresses you with its vast selection of the diamond and rare diamond stones in various shapes and colors. You can select from the flawless diamonds if you want something striking and unique for your lady love.

  •  Flower Diamond Boutique

If you want to choose from the elegant and unique diamond engagement and wedding rings, you can count on Flower Diamond boutique. The company designs diamond rings that are a blend between the simplistic designs and the avant-garde impressions, which make their creations, stand apart than most other diamond retail brands in Singapore. Each ring customized by this brand boasts of a unique experience. It complements the new age woman and her love for jewelry. It adds a spark and finesse to the woman’s personality. If your beloved loves delicate but impressive diamond jewelry, this diamond retailer is the best choice.

  • Soo Kee Jewellery

Soo Kee Jewellery is another popular online diamond retailer in Singapore. If your lady has an affinity for exquisite and refined jewelry, this brand will not disappoint you at all. The company has received immense appreciation for its signature expressions in diamond rings along with excellent craftsmanship. Each diamond ring that the company designs and manufactures have got a timeless quality. The objective of the brand is to add the required dazzle to a woman’s elegance with the delicate diamond rings with intricate designs.  The company allows you to select from its best designs which you will cherish forever.

There are more than the four brands mentioned above names that specialize in exclusive diamond rings in Singapore. However, you can start looking up these brands and then add in other names based on your requirements and budget capacity.

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