Comparing Linux Hosting Plans: vs. vs.

Linux shared hosting is the most common hosting plan available for small and medium size websites. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, from family blogs to small ecommerce sites. There is a infinite number of webhosting companies that provide Linux hosting. I understand that if you are new to webhosting in maybe a little daunting not knowing where to start when you want to choose the right host.

In this article I will introduce you to threemultinational webhosting companies that offer a variety of Linux shared hosting plans for all budgets. All three providers advertise heavily nationally and internationally, online and offline, so it is likely you already have heard about them. In this article I am not promoting a particular webhost. is one of the most known internet service providers among new bloggers. Not only do they host, but they give you tools to create your first website. You have the option of choosing your type of website plan depending on yourbudget.

For instance, has a one year basic Linux hosting plan if you wish to get started. This will cost $3.75 per month in subscription fees and a total of $45 a year. You may save money on if you use a discount code. In this package, you have unlimited website disk space to work with on top of one gigabyte (GB) of free cloud space as the main feature. However, you are only limited to hosting one domain. on the other hand offers you a starter subscription pack of $1.52 per month and $18.24 a year. This package includes 30 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth. You can also backup and restore your data. In this package, you have round the clock security monitoring to ensure that the website is protected. The icing on the cake is the additional one GB of Database Storage provided in this package. offers the cheapest basic starter pack of the three providers. The initial subscription fee is $0.99 a month for a total of $11.88 a year. Once setup, there is a whopping 100 BG of web space to work on. In this package, you are offered a free additional domain. Also, there is provision for 10,000 sub-domains. If that is not all, you can set up 25 different databases in a total space of one GB. Moreover, 1and1 offers a 24/7 support system once you get started to help you build your website.

When compared, has the highest subscription fee while charges the least amount. However, the options at your disposal vary based on the type of website one intends to set up and the specifications of the website. What cuts across all three is the unlimited bandwidth and sizable amount of web space to operate on. has an edge because of the option to backup the data.

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