6 Ways To Find Out The Best Pico Projector

What is a Pico Projector?

A pico projector is nothing but a smaller version of normal [rrojecytor which can be used to project contents from smartphones, cameras, tablets, notebooks and memory cards on smooth and clean surfaces like a clean white cloth or curtain or even a wall too.

Pico projectors are also known as pocket projectors or mobile projectors, and also they can be used to display some format in different ways. The only thing common to them is they are compact in size, and their design is so cool that they can be placed anywhere like presentations or for media displaying purpose too.

Ways to find out the Best Pico Projector:

  1. Resolution

If you want the best image quality, then you should compare resolution ( number of pixels in projector display chips ) provided by the projector to the resolution you use the most. It means the projector has to display a VGA image

Pico projector offers more choice in resolution and top out the VGA image (640 – 480), which is the best for video and basic presentation which don’t have much text or don’t provide fine detail in any of the slides. None of the Pico provides a native wide screen and also are relatively limited in resolutions and scale the same to native resolution.

  1. Brightness

Brightness for many projectors is not the right choice, but you have to take Pico projector as an exception.

According to experts, the rated brightness starts at about 10 lumens, and by taking the rules of thumb, that brightness is enough to project a quality image which can be viewed from far in a dark room at an approx of 24-inch diagonal size.

  1. Contrast shouldn’t be taken seriously

The ratio between the brightness of brightest and the darkest area of a projector can produce known as the contrast ratio. But it’s only one factor that determines the image quality that is produced by the projector. So knowledge about the contrast cannot tell you many things about the projector you are going to own. Given the low brightness level for pico projector, contrast ratio is too low for them compared with general ones

  1. Plan to connect

Most of the pico projector provides an SVGA connector for the computer and a composite connector for video signals. Very few are have a composite connector to display videos. There are pico projectors available that can connect to iPod by letting you display the essentials from iPod accessory. For common sense things, make sure you connect the ports of projector with the ports on your computer or any other video equipment you are planning to connect

  1. What Technology Do You Wish?

Pico projectors use DLP technology, which may suffer from the rainbow effect, with areas that have more light on the screen breaking into little rainbows for people who move their gaze or if someone moves the screen. It may be one annoying moment for the people who are already facing this issue. However, you can check the effect yourself, or you can check the PCMag.com reviews for comments on the rainbow effect

The other technologies available in pico projector are LCOS and Laser. The pluses and minuses cannot be drawn of these two technologies, so there is no good reason to focus on the technology that the projector use.

  1. Is audio necessary?

The existence of audio in Pico projectors is nonexistent or almost useless to good quality for some devices. If you are thinking to use sound for presentation or a video, you can use except high quality and loud enough sound to meet your need. Alternatively, you can use a separate sound system for the same.

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