Cars24 review: Best Cars selling service in India

In recent days, we have come across a lot of services with their mobile applications. These things include aspects like renting houses, selling electronics, buying property and many others. These services and their easy to handle mobile reach is a great initiative which has been helping people of our country in a variety of manner. Things like going out in heavy rain or in striking sunlight are something that is not the case anymore. People can do all the stuff with ease from their household. But, among all these services that have been making our lives easier, one thing that was still missing was that there was no car dealing service platform available.

Surely there were some of the companies like OLX or Quikr that had options for such things but the fact that they were not solely focusing on such topic, it was very hard for all of us to get the right buyer or seller on all these platforms. But, since the arrival of Cars24 and their amazing multi-platform services, buying, selling and trading of Cars have become way easier and a lot more effective and efficient.

This is why today in this review we will talk about everything relating to Cars24 and its services. This all will be followed by a list of benefits that their services have been offering all of us. So, with all this being said, let’s jump right into it.

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What is Cars24 and what is their background?

Cars24 is somewhat an organized and structured organization which can help you in your needs regarding trading practices regarding a car. This can be anything from buying a car to selling one. This initiative and company were formed with the mindset that buying or selling a car is a pretty extensive process and people have a hard time in this aspect if they indulge in these activities on their own. Thus, to help people on a common ground Cars24 offers a platform where both buyers as well as sellers come together and trade for cars.

Cars24 was started back in 2015 and since then slowly but gradually their services and offices have been opened in 31 major cities of India. With a total of 145 branches, they offer an easier reach for both buyers as well as sellers. Moreover, the fact that they offer an agreement to the seller with inspection is something that is not offered by any other service that follows the same company pattern.

How does Cars24 offer their services?

The services offered by Cars24 can be divided into two perspectives where on one end we have a buyer and on the other, we have the seller of the car. So, let’s first look into the Seller’s point of view as to how they avail the services.

From Seller’s point of view: Once a person makes up their mind that they are going to sell their car, all they have to do is to contact the nearest branch Cars24. They will send their professionals who which grade your car and will offer you a quote. This will help you to understand both the minimum and the maximum amount that you will be going to get from the trading of your car. Once, you agree on the terms of selling, they will list your vehicle on their database.

Now, once they receive a word from anyone who is interested in buying the vehicle, they will simply approach you and if you are satisfied with the offer, they will ask the seller to sign the contract with a token amount of 1K Indian Rupees. Also, after 2 days of the agreement signing, the rest of the amount will be transferred to the seller’s account and the car will be picked up from their previous owners and the seller will then be called for the formalities of RTO.

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From Buyer’s Point of view: Buying a car on Cars24 is quite easy and reliable than any other similar platform. All a buyer needs to do is to look on to the website or mobile application of Cars24 and choose the car from the listings. Once, a buyer shows their interest in a listed car, they are approached with the executives at Cars24 and if the terms of the agreement are agreed upon by the buyer, the deal is done with all the due formalities.

So, this is how the services are offered at Cars24. Now, moving on the features that are offered by Cars24.

Benefits of using the services of Cars24

There are a lot of benefits that you will experience with availing the services of Cars24. So, the following are some of the many benefits of using Cars24’s services:

  • Home Inspection: When a seller approaches Cars24, they send their professionals to evaluate the car. This will help the seller to get an idea as to what they might expect in the final deal. Also, these inspections leave no room for last-minute problems from the end of the buyer regarding the quality or components of the car.
  • Easy to Search Platforms: The best part of choosing Cars24 as the middle ground is that they offer great exposure to all the items listed in their database. From their mobile applications to website listings, people can easily get in touch with the cars they want to buy without any hassle of visiting brokers.
  • Guaranteed listings: As a buyer, it is quite an important aspect that they avail the things that they have seen in the ads and listings. Thus, Cars24’s guaranteed listings make this aspect full proof as the cars are inspected beforehand they are included in the listings.

So, this was a full-fledged review of the services and benefits offered by Cars24 App. It is without a doubt the best platform for trading cars in India. Thus, if you ever are in a need of either buying or selling a car, then Cars24 is the perfect partner to look for.

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