The Ultimate Way for Email Validations

Who doesn’t need any email in this modern era? In fact, email is undeniably very important to keep contact with each others. If you may argue with the appearance of some social media recently, they even require us to make an email at first before making accounts. It is not exaggerating to say that email is the core of all those accounts. If social media are often associated with something fun like posting status, pictures, and videos, it looks like email is much more professional than that. This platform is basically used to send news from one to another. Yes, it is the modern version of manual mail delivered by postmen some decades ago. Therefore, it tends to be more private in which the files shared are only for certain people not public. Interestingly, email offers more than that. it also enables you to send documents, pictures, and also videos without anybody else will know.

The Lacks of Email

Email is private; this matter can be both benefit and lack. It is beneficial if you indeed don’t want all people know the files that you share. But it can also be a lack if you actually want to show them off. Aside from that, do you know what else the lacks of email? It is about the bugs. It even looks like a trash can for many useless files. A good example is when you follow a certain brand in a social media. Then, the brand commonly will send you their messages of promotion directly in your email. This is something good but sometimes annoying also. It is mainly if the emails are the same and they are sent to you continuously. This activity is known also as a spam which is considered as “minor crime” in the virtual world.

Sure, spamming is not the only problems faced by email users. There are many cases of fraud with email as the main media. It is reasonable since making email is very easy and someone can even have many emails at once. It is still not included other terrible cases like hacking, spreading of virus, email abuse and many more. Those things are done by other people who want to take advantage from you in wrong ways. Meanwhile, as the users, you can also do something carelessly that makes important files in your email is lost. When they are deleted permanently, it is almost impossible for you to have them back.

The Solutions

Particularly for your main email account used for professional matters, it is not bad to give more protections. The protections are used not only to protect your email account from outer “attack” but also to guarantee that the content is secured due to your own carelessness. But how is it?

There is Zero Bounce anyway. Zero Bounce is a platform company that works in term of email protection. In general, it provides a kind of online email validation system that enables the users to receive access of certain services. There are at least three main services you can get by applying this platform. They are the services of email bounce detection, email abuse and spam detection, and email data append. Email bounce detection is to detect and then remove invalid emails out from your list. It is important to prevent important emails to be disappeared or invisible due to the bounces. Then, the feature of email abuse and spam detection is to prevent the outer attack. It will simply detect and remove emails which are intended to spam or even threat you. Meanwhile, email data append feature is to add missing data. During the email registration, there are probably some data that are missed to submit. Well, this feature is used to complete it.

Are they only three features available there? Of course, it is not. Zero Bounce still provides many other great features. The features are packed in different packages. Each package is offered in different prices based on the number of features available. Sure, the more features provided in each package, the price will be more expensive anyway. It depends on your wants and necessities which package that you want to choose. You may consider the functions of your email for this. Some other features offered are including disposable email detection, toxic domain detection, social append, email validation, summary report, and many more.

Your email is everything. It is particularly if the email deals with your works, business, and personal matters. So, if you want to validate it well, Zero Bounce is recommended. For more information, just visit

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