Make Your Home Summer Ready with These 5 Tricks that Actually Work


Summers can be difficult for some of us. Before even people barely enjoy the pleasant transition between cold winters and sunny summers, the weather gets unbearably hot, and we all know the kind of discomfort that it can bring. Oily skin, sweating all the time, dehydration and other problems that summers come with make you want not to leave your home. So if your home is not summer-ready, then you are in for a tough season. How does one make a home summer-ready? We have some tricks for you that are effective and are sure to work. Read further and check them out.

1. Get Some Greens

Green is good, especially when it is summers. There is nothing better than having a few plants in your yard as they bring so much freshness even during the hot and humid weather. If you have a garden, then your summers are going to be fun as you can have your pool days and a lot of family fun time out there.

People in countries that face pollution problems consider space for the plants when buying a place, especially when they check a condo for sale Singapore. Watering plants and maintaining gardens is also something that people enjoy during the summer, and it will not only make the outdoor region of your home look attractive, but it will also bring cooler air in your home.   

2. Here’s the Best Solution to Keep Dust Away

People try different methods to get rid of the dust that comes inside the homes because of hot winds in summer. It is needless to say that you cannot wholly keep it away and there must be regular vacuuming and cleaning of your home in this season. You must also consider getting an air-purifier for yourselves. Air purifiers do not only remove impurities from the air, but they also work as a dehumidifier. Many air purifier companies allow you to purchase these devices at meagre prices and indicate the level of air pollution in real-time. You can check brands like Philips and Xiaomi for the availability of these devices.  

3. If You Live on Top-Most Floor Do This

People with apartments on the top floor of their buildings often face the problem of hotter temperature on their floors compared to the ones closest to the ground floor. To get rid of this problem the simplest way is to water the terrace that lowers down the temperature of the ceiling of the apartments below them. The way this method works is simple. When you water the terrace, and the Sun evaporates this water from the surface of the terrace floor, because the latent heat is taken from the floor to vaporise the water, it leaves the ground cooler and decreases the temperature of the apartment below. Make sure to give it a try.     

4. Days of Bugs

Summers are also the time of annoying bugs entering your home. Wasps, ladybugs, and other unwanted insects often come inside houses because of hot winds. It is time when you make your home pest-free. Depending on how difficult or easy it is for you, either you can go for paid pest control services, or take the matter to your hands. Make sure to consider the health hazards of the insecticides that you use in your home, as they can be unsafe, especially for children. Vacuuming difficult corners of your bed and wooden furniture is also something that you should consider as they may become breeding grounds for bed bugs during hot weather.    

5. Keeping Your Home Cooler

Yes, it would help if you got your air-conditioning well in readiness as summers start. So, we are not going to get deep into getting your ACs, and evaporative coolers serviced or fixed but go onto something that people often fail to do, which is letting the air in the home. We understand that you love to keep your rooms and halls chilled with the air conditioning but allowing the windows to open and for natural air to come in is also crucial for your health and keeping your home environment fresh. So, if there is nice weather outside and you do not need to freeze your rooms, let nature do its work by keeping your home ventilated.

Aren’t these tricks easy to use? We are sure that by using them, you will have all your summer woes gone away. However, while you think of avoiding the heat in this season, do make sure to enjoy some of it too. Soak the gentle warmth of Sun after this long winter we just had and go out on pleasant days. These seasons are there for a reason after all.

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