Systweak Android Cleaner —An Ultimate Device Booster!

Technology is all around us, from emails to messages to animations. Our smart devices have made many of our everyday tasks easier than ever. Whether we have to shop for our favorite merchandise, book a movie ticket or find a restaurant, our smartphones are capable to do all this. What make these smartphones so powerful and useful are the mobile apps that can be installed in the mobile phones.

But our devices often get cluttered with unnecessary junk space which slow down our device’s performance.

To overcome this trouble we have one powerful tool named as Systweak Android cleaner which can prove to be the best android cleaner app to boost your device’s performance.

Here are a few highlights of the app.


Home Page:

The home page lists down some of the essential features of the app. Phone boost feature of the app helps you clean your device RAM instantly. It clears all apps and programs running in the background effortlessly.


Junk files:

Junk files act like a hidden culprit which eventually degrade your device’s performance. The app offers you the junk cleaner feature in order to get rid of all unnecessary files of your smartphone. It displays junk files in different heads like external application cache, temporary files, APK files, unused folders and largest files. You can go to the specific folder to manage content it holds.


Duplicate files:

This is one unique feature of this app, which is not commonly seen within other apps of such kind. Under this feature, you can find all duplicate files on your device including duplicate files in music, photos, documents and videos files. You can also see all duplicate files under “ALL” tab. It displays results in an auto-mark format where last file (s) of the group remain marked to be deleted.



Once you agree to the accessibility permission, then enabling this particular feature puts all the unnecessary apps in hibernate mode. The hibernate mode stops all functioning of the selected apps to stop them from using device resources. This is more or less the same how we use on our Windows desktop.


File Explorer:

The file explorer feature of the app lets you have a detailed overview of your device. It lists down all the files/folders on your device and space occupied by them allowing you to manage them more efficiently. You can simply go to any folder to view files in it and to manage them. You can take backup of files, share them or simply delete them. You can set filters to find files as per space they occupy to manage them well.


App Manager:

App Manager displays all the Applications on your device and space occupied by them. You can archive these apps for future or simply uninstall them tapping on “Uninstall” button. It saves installed file in archive section in case you want to use it in future.


Game Speed up:

If you’re a gaming freak, then this feature might be really useful. Your device will turn into a dedicated gaming platform as soon as you enable the Game Speed up function. Once you add any game or app to this list and run it, it will automatically clear the RAM to provide better performance to run these selected items.


Battery Saver:

It displays all the battery related information and battery draining functions. You can press TURN BATTERY SAVER ON button to instantly stop all battery draining functions, or you can individually unmark these functions to stop them running.


Cloud Backup:

Yes, there’s more to it! You can use the cloud backup function to take backup of your files and apps to Cloud servers.

Settings Overview:

  • Notification: You can keep Notifications On/Off as per your needs.
  • Auto Cleaning: You can avail Auto Cleaning feature to set automatic cleaning time for the device. This way you can get efficient device all the time.
  • Ignore List: You can add programs/files into Ignore List to exclude them from the scanning process. This way you can keep your important files untouched.
  • Language: You can select the language of your choice from the list of options.
  • Themes: Additional to Classic theme 5 different color themes are added with interactive user interface to make your user experience unique.

Hence, Systweak Android Cleaner is a complete package to take care of your device. So of your android is running slow, you can download the app within a jiffy through this link:

We’ll strongly recommend you this one!

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