Best anime apps for Android and iOS

With the popularity of free streaming apps, a number of anime lovers is increasing day by day. Though the trend started in Japan, now it has been spread all over the world. From six to sixty, all of us praise a good anime that’s a mix of strong emotions or social message with fun animations. Being a hardcore anime lover, I did a lot of researches on it and found some Android apps which are really treasure troves for the anime lovers.

A complete list of the best anime apps for Android and iOS are covered here in below which you can try without any further research as we have done that part for you. But if you were looking for anime websites for streaming then head over to MMX News Caster. They have a wonderful article where the author has shared all the best free and paid sites for watching anime. Check these awesome apps and try fearlessly.

Best anime apps for Android and iOS

Apps are hearts of the smartphone. Every app serves a specific purpose. Anime apps are one of those which we will hardly miss if we come across. Currently, nine out of ten people either use Android or iOS powered phones. That’s why without being distracted we have covered the top rated anime apps for these two major smartphone operating systems.

Let’s start digging the trove of the limitless fun.

  1. VIZ Media

It’s a large media publishing house, and the best part is that it takes its mobile publishing very seriously. All over, it has three apps which are free to use, but for downloading some premium anime related stuff users need to pay a little amount that starts with $1! If you are a fan of manga app then we will request you to have a look at the app for the Shonen weekly magazine, it will surely give you a Goosebumps!

  1. VRV

Well, it’s a perfect example of the all-in-one marketplace for anime lovers. It’s not a single anime app; it serves several anime apps together like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, and others. This app is maintained by Crunchyroll. If you want to buy all the subscriptions of these individually, then it will make a big hole in your pocket. Here, on VRV, you can easily buy all of these at comparatively a very low price.

  1. Netflix

It doesn’t need any kind of introduction at all; it serves as one of the best apps for anime lovers also although very few people know this thing. With a little fee of $7.99 a month, you can easily get the access to unlimited fun and a lot of anime at a time! All the contents are HD quality and streaming those on PC at leisure is a pleasure to our eyes. If you have a Netflix account already then it’s time to start the rock and roll!

  1. Hulu

It’s another app that’s very popular amongst the Android users. Its vast digital library has a decent collection of anime stuff including some really popular shows as well. With the cheap commercial subscription, you can get rid of the advertisement permanently. We recommend this because we have found the ads annoying enough! But if you don’t want to spend money then the free version with the ad is also okay to try first. We can bet that you will love it soon!

  1. Comixology

It can be considered as the father figure of these anime apps. It’s available on Android and iOS both, and the best part of this app is that it’s free to use and there’s no subscription charge at all! But you will be amazed by the collections. From Marvel to Disney, everything is dumped here, and with a simple signup, everything will be on your finger taps! A decent collection of manga is a pleasant surprise but accessing those you need to pay a subscription fee. Otherwise, everything is free to go with!

  1. MALClient

We are a fan of this one and recommend every Android user to try it once. If you are a new entrant in the fan club of anime and have very few ideas about these, then it’s the perfect entry gate for you. You can see all the recently added stuff with top rated stuff with the pretty interesting rating on those by the viewers! Without any expert knowledge, you can get the best anime out of the huge collection by filtering the whole collection by popularity. It’s one of the very few apps for anime which you can access without signup process!

Try these awesome apps for anime and let us know your experiences as every app on this list has a trendy and popular history. Apart from these, you can try YouTube which caters a lot of related stuff as well. But these are specials.

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