Top 5 Tips To Building A Gaming PC On A Budget?

When it comes to gaming there is something deeply magical about playing on a homemade, custom built gaming PC.

Some gamers are so passionate about the higher quality of experience that they are witness to when gaming, that they swear that using a custom built gaming PC is the way forward.

From the thrill and excitement of hand picking all the key parts, to the ability to create a PC that fits perfectly into your game play and is the ultimate accessory for dominating the game.
Whether it’s your first build or your fifth, there is something moving and deeply humble about seeing the finished computer in front of you ready to be played.

But how do you build your own gaming pc on a budget? For many, owning and playing on a gaming PC is something that requires disposable income and much investment.

Our aim within this blog is to help guide you through the process of building a gaming PC on a budget, while inspiring you to take the plunge, investing and improving your gaming experience.

1- Choose your CPU
Before you get overly excited and start purchasing key parts to incorporate into your PC build, first work out your intended use for your PC. By working out how you intend to use your custom built PC, but also the required specs that will be needed, only then you can begin to prepare and purchase the required parts.

The first of the key parts to look into purchasing and that is the CPU. The central processing unit should always be the first component purchased, with all other parts purchased afterwards, this can ensure that they are compatible with one another. Without a CPU, your hand built gaming PC would not be able to function and would be unable to read and conduct all the vital instructions. From turning on, to the running of the game, your gaming PC would be useless.
Although you might be building a gaming PC on a budget, we recommend, however, that you do not scrimp when it comes to the purchasing of the CPU. A vital part, you want your chosen part to handle any challenges that comes its way and we recommend considering the Intel Core 15-7500 processor, viewed as one of the best game oriented processors around.

2- Opt for a simple motherboard

You have made the first step and taken the plunge by choosing your CPU of choice, the time has now come to purchase the motherboard. When building your gaming PC, particularly that of your first one, it can be tempting to go over the top and choose a fancy, complex device. A top tip when building your Gaming PC on a budget and that is to choose a simple motherboard.
Look for a model that offers the option to add SATA ports in case you require further storage in the future.

An equally important tool, it is the motherboard that stores and holds all other parts when sitting within the case and making sure that you choose a sturdy, durable and long lasting motherboard is essential in keeping your PC working for many years to come.

Along with the added option of SATA ports, PCIe slots for video cards and USB ports are also required and will be needed over time.

A final top tip when choosing your motherboard for your custom gaming PC, and that is to check the wattage requirements. Make sure that it is compatible with your CPU, otherwise this could prove to be an expensive oversight.

3- Graphics cards are important
If playing the latest, must have battle game is important to you, investing in a high quality graphics card is paramount. You could have invested in the highest quality of parts for your hand built PC, but choose to budget when it came to the graphics card. Instead of having incredible visuals, your gaming experience would be poor and fall short of your expectations.

To avoid such disappointment, we recommended choosing a high quality graphics card that can ignite a renewed passion and thrill that is meant to be experienced when immersed in the game of your choice.
Purchasing a superior graphics card is recommended, whether you choose between either an AMD Radeon or an NVIDIA GeForce, the choice is up to you.

4- Choose a quality Power Supply Unit
A key to building a low cost gaming PC and that is not always to be swayed by the lowest priced parts. Instead of always looking for the cheapest option, instead look at value and quality. This example of quality can be seen when purchasing a power supply unit. By choosing a quality power supply unit, you can be confident of a part that can handle any challenge that comes its way.
By reducing the need to replace the power supply unit in the future, you can keep costs to a low while also remaining confident that you will have a higher power unit powering your home built gaming PC. When choosing the PSU for your custom built gaming PC, we recommend looking at an average of 600-750 wattage, while 1000w would be more ideal for intense 4k gaming.

5- Review your PC case
While we all love the sleek, clean shimmer of a chrome case, when it comes to the PC case for your gaming PC, it is not always about aesthetics. Although we would love to make our PC look as unique as possible to reflect our own unique style, practicality is more important than appearances.
Along with being practical, keeping your PC case simple and in line with your build could allow you to pull back, saving on that precious budget.
One of the biggest draws and a key part that you should be looking for when searching for a case to store and protect your completed gaming PC and that is the addition to add SSD cards, more fans to cool the device, as well as ports and space for the cooler and graphics cards.

Making sure that your PC has plenty of room to sit and space to remain cool while being ventilated and secure is key. More vital than a shiny exterior, keep costs to a minimum when building a gaming PC and evaluate your PC case of choice. If you are looking for more games which include dragons you can check this site.

When it comes to building a gaming PC on a budget, surprisingly the key is not to purchase low cost parts. No, instead it is recommended that you consider quality, durable parts for long durability.

By taking the time to review your parts of choice, checking their compatibility with one another, you can create a quality and a durable gaming PC that can change your gaming experience forever.

From the first key part you purchase, the CPU, to the graphics card and the PC case, each part is a vital and essential addition helping to create a gaming PC that you can be proud of. By choosing quality over price, you can be confident that you have a device that you can treasure and use for years to come.

Have you taken the plunge and built a gaming PC for yourself? Or perhaps you are planning to conduct your first build? We would love to hear from you and hear your experience of building a PC or any challenges that you have experienced during this exciting task. Comment below and share your experience with us today.

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