All About Lanmodo Car Tent

The main focus of car owner is towards the protection of the car while driving as well as when the car is standing somewhere in a surrounding with rain, dust and other features of the environment. It is necessary to provide the protection to the car from the inside as well as from the outside. Harm to the car during day and night, also in different seasons i.e. during the heat of the summer and from the cold in winter is also prevented.

Lanmodo Car Tent comes in different units. Auto Car Tent, Tent with Stand and All in One Unit. It includes a car tent, car charger, a remote control, wall charger, a bag, ropes, tents, pegs and a stand. It may also include pole, LED lamp and side canopies for all in one units. They not only serve as protective and automatic car umbrella for the car but may also extend to form a camping tent.

Lanmodo Car Tent provides protection during winter and summers:

During winter the car needs to be protected particularly from the harsh environment such hailing, heavy storms or snowing during the winter. As these tents come in a larger size, it covers the whole body of the car. Lanmodo car umbrellas are particularly favorable in all types of seasons. During the scorching heat of summers, these car umbrellas protect the bodies of the car from heating up with the rise in temperature. These temperature extremities ultimately damages the exterior of the car.

Features of the Lanmodo Car Tent:

Lanmodo Car Tents possesses many features such as;

  1. Efficient and Easy Installation:

As mentioned before, the automatic car umbrella comes with a wireless remotes that helps in the installation of the umbrella. Manual installation that is the time taking process can be avoided by the use of automated system. With the help of remote control the opening of the umbrella takes place in 8 second and in 30 seconds the whole installation of umbrella is completed.

  1. Protection to the car from falling objects:

The umbrella provides protection to the car from the falling objects such as stones when the car is parked somewhere and also prevents the direct contact of the car with the hailing and storms during winter.

  1. Keeps the temperature of the car down:

When a car is parked in sunlight for too long, the internal environment of the car gets uncomfortable due to the built of heat inside the car and needs to be removed before riding the car. The installation of automatic car umbrella provides shade to the car and serves as insulator. It does not allow the heat to reach and affect the car.

  1. Safe and free of theft:

Installation of automatic car umbrella is free of theft as the installation is governed through remote control. The ropes and pegs are difficult to cut. Stealing of the car umbrella is therefore prevented.

  1. Windproof shelter:

When attached with the ropes and pegs provided along with the umbrella, the tent or the umbrella becomes wind-proof. The ropes provide strength to the umbrella and allows it to withstand the pressure of air so that it does not get blown with the strong wind.

  1. Easy to clean:

These shields or umbrellas are made from waterproof material and can be easily cleaned with the help of damp cloth.

  1. Can be used as beach umbrella or camping tents:

By utilizing the camping stands that are provided with the automatic umbrellas, they can be converted into beach umbrellas. They can be used during fishing and these umbrellas provide shade and comfort.

Other than beach umbrella, these automatic car umbrellas can be used as camping tents like The tents are usually larger in size having a capacity to accommodate up to seven people. It serves as a beautiful portable camp for friends and family to enjoy outdoor activities during vacation and holidays.

  1. Benefit of LED light:

Light is a major requirement during night.  LED light is also provided as accessory along with the car tent. LED can be used at night during outdoor activities such as fishing, partying and outdoor camping.

  1. Turn a car tent into theatre:

The inside of Lamodo automatic car tents are made with silver lining and with the assistance of a projector, the inside of the car tent can be converted into an outdoor theatre. This feature adds on to the outdoor activities plans.

Other than the above mentioned interesting features of Lamodo Automatic Car Tents, the tents can be customized according to the requirement of the customer. The car tent does not only serve as a protective object for the car but also have many accessory features that makes the use of car tents more compelling.

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