Step by step guide to buying Instagram likes

If you are thinking to buy Instagram likes to enhance the visibility and credibility of your account for business, then keep in mind high-quality Instagram likes has the potential to make your post and profile popular within few hours. You can easily boost up your new profile by buying Instagram likes.

  • Step 1 Choose an Instagram Likes provider

There are many Instagram likes providers on the internet, thus you need to choose one which is an expert to provide high-quality services based on positive reviews. After selecting a platform, cross check if the likes are coming from the potential profiles and high traffic networks. Besides many available on Google search, you can always get the assistance of experienced professionals on marketing your account and increasing visibility of your business on social platforms by visiting – a years-trusted social signals vendor with many positive reviews on various sites and blogs about digital marketing.

  • Step 2: Buy Instagram likes for 1 or more pictures

You can buy a regular or premium photo selector tool; it will help to spread the likes over multiple uploads.

  • Step 3: Provide your Instagram User ID

There is no need to provide extra details of your profile or to sign up the page. Just give them your email address and Instagram user ID then see the magic.

  • Step 4: Check instant delivery and customer support

Once you place the order and the payment gets approved then you can wait for 20-60 minutes to see the likes depending upon quality and quantity. If there is any issue or confusion then you can contact the provider directly to find the solution. Most of Instagram likes providers offer customer support service 24 hours a day.

  • Step 5: Get like on the recent upload:

To get likes on the latest upload, provide the details of your photo to the Instagram like providers. Fast delivery along with comments will boost your image within a few seconds.

  • Step 6: Payment Option

You can pay by using Maestro, Visa credit/debit card, PayPal and other gateways which keep you transfer and data secure. Every Instagram like provider offers its own payment ways so check them before placing an order.

  • Simple step by step daily engagement

You just need to buy Instagram likes once then your profile will automatically get more traffic by adopting the following ways.

Create Attractive Content

Instagram is a social and visual platform which can be used to inform, inspire, educate and entertain the people. Therefore, create the content which can inform the audience about something they do not know; educate them on how to do a specific task in a unique way and inspire them to keep their emotional spirit up.

Optimize Your Photos

Keep posting the good content regularly to engage the followers. Usually, photos get more likes than the videos so put the photo with your face which can develop an emotional connection with the people. Use proper captions and tag your location to get higher engagement.


Although overuse of hashtags can make you appear spammy, fewer hashtags are one of the best strategies to get the organic increase in engagement and visibility. When people search the hashtags, they prefer the top posts so you can update your post with the trending hashtags which can make it popular.

Daily Engagement

Keep trying to increase your visibility and exposure to get more chances of getting likes. More you respond to every comment on the post, more you will get the likes. If you follow the account similar to your interest and comment on their posts, then it will develop a link between your services.

Add Call to action within every new post

CTA is not limited to Instagram profiles or ads; you can also use it to target the people and for the promotion of your content. Try to start a discussion, ask a question or invite people to share. Along with CTA other effective way is to ask the audience to click on your bio or link to get more information, ask them to sign up or to download something.

Share CTA like:

  • What is your opinion about _______?
  • Tag your friend who likes ______?
  • Tag someone who do ________?
  • Who can do this in the _______ way?
  • What is your favorite ___________?

Start a contest Or Giveaway

Adopt the simplest strategy and offer your services and products by a contest to your target audience who love to use them.  Contest and giveaway are the best way to get more followers, likes, and comments. You can also attract many new potential customers by it. Become a partner with related influencers and brands (along with buying Instagram likes) to promote your contest to more audience. Potential partners with real followers can be the best tool in your promotion plan. Tag their friends in the comment section of the recent post which will help to spread awareness about the coming event.

Keep sharing Instagram Stories and be friendly:

Just share the 20-second short clip and see its magic. It is amazing to keep your audience updated about your new activity, it is the best strategy if you are busy to post high-quality content or unable to stay active.

The more friends and followers you make, the more chances for getting their likes and comments you will create. With the passage of time, more people will know you and wait for your content.


To get more Instagram likes is not a difficult thing today. You can either get real likes or buy Instagram likes. There is no need to search for the complex promotional campaigns, just select and purchase the right package. Every Instagram likes provider has different campaigns and packages to fulfill the requirements and needs of the influencers and business owners that are struggling to engage more people, so, at first, know about your needs the select the required package

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