How To Create An Etsy Banner Or Social Media Poster For Free

Fotor is one of the best photo design and editing tools that you can find online. Fotor grants you maximum freedom in creativity to create unique designs which you can use in various settings.

Internet-based platforms in either e-commerce or social media are some of the sites where a tandem with Fotor is advisable for smooth creations. For social media, you can use the design tool to create posters that display relevant information. The social media posters may help in attracting several followers increasing your popularity in the long run.

Fotor Poster Maker

To use the poster maker, you need to first select the poster template that you deem more relatable to the message you are communicating. Fotor has many templates that you can pick from and all have distinct designs. You can add more images to the poster by getting preferred shoots from Facebook, your computer or Fotor’s cloud storage if you have one.

Add some text on the poster you are creating and ensure its font and color are easily distinguishable. Once you are done editing and designing the poster, you can save it by clicking on the import button, located on the upper right side of the editing page.

A unique poster immediately captures the attention of your followers on social media increasing the chances of them viewing it.

Fotor Etsy Banner Creator

Etsy is an e-commerce platform that deals exclusively on jewelry, handmade and vintage items among other collectibles. If you want to sell your wares on Etsy, you need to have an Etsy shop. To improve your online visibility and attract many followers on this e-commerce platform, you can make some customizations.

One easy customization that you can opt for is creating an Etsy banner. The banner serves to market your online shop and also in affiliate marketing where the banners can be put on affiliate websites.

Creating a banner is a simple doing where you start by picking a template or an Etsy cover which has the theme you need. You can now edit the template by adding some details such as text and images to make it perfect. Once done, import the image and later use it on your online shop to give it a revamped look.

Business Card Design

You can also use the Fotor design tool to design your business card. A business card speaks of the credibility of your business hence it is a must-have for any serious establishment.

To design your business card, select the dimensions then select the theme you want for the card. Edit the business card template to reflect the ideas of the business and save it. You can later print the cards and have a good presentation of your business.


The Fotor design tool comes in handy in various ways and is a good image editing companion. You can use the free online tool in coming up with several creations especially for your business that will see it emerge with an exclusive look. Sign up for the premium plan to get access to several other features and have a nice creative session.

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