Aver Video Conferencing System

In this modern era, communication still becomes the most important thing that makes business runs good. To run a business, you will need to have continuing discussions with your team and also your clients. It is important to keep your clients up to date with the projects that you are doing for them. Thus, regardless of where your clients are located, you still need to keep them in the loop so close. 

It is necessary to maintain a good relationship with your clients and also your team. For those who are working remotely, sure attending a meeting at the office is not the best option. Thus, a video conference is the one that you will need the most.

Unlike a regular video call, for a professional level, you will need a video conferencing system. It is different from the regular video call application. This video conferencing system provides better quality of audio and video. High-quality audio and video are very important to ensure that communication can happen smoothly. You have to choose the right Video Conferencing Systems that will fit your need and support your company.

Aver Video Conferencing System

One of the popular video conferencing systems is Aver. This video conferencing system has supported so many companies and individuals that need decent video conferencing systems. They offer a global solution for less friction communication. Aver video conferencing system is compatible with so many cloud and web-based conferencing applications. You must be familiar with Skype for Business, Zoom, Cisco, and also Fuze. Those cloud-based and web-based conferencing applications integrated to Aver seamlessly. Thus, the quality of the video conference is decent. They deliver high-quality audio and video that is important for an important video conference. A video conference is crucial for the board members to share ideas and make decisions. You can find some products that can be the best fit for your needs.

Aver Cam540

The Aver Cam540 is one of the good fit for you. This product delivers the newest technology of cameras that you can install easily in your meeting room. You will be able to use the Aver SmartFrame that uses an auto-framing solution to maximize the viewable field. You can easily invite and place everyone that you invite on the frame. It is so smooth and effortless. You will not experience any complexity in dealing with settings or controls. A click on the button is all you need to start your meeting.

This Aver CAM540 has 16X total zoom capability for the cutting edge. It can capture 30 frames per second on 4K video because it comes with high-end Sony 4K CMOS. So, you can imagine how your meeting would be with this decent video quality. You can maximize the collaboration of your team members as details can be presented at ease. Besides the decent quality that it offers, this Aver CAM540 also comes with elegant design. It looks sleek and fluid that is good for the conferencing room. The design will fit a typical modern meeting room interior. It is also easy to use because you can just plug and play it. 

Aver VC520 Pro

Another product that is recommended is Aver VC520 Pro. This product is pretty decent as it comes with a 12x optical zoom. This is suitable for a medium to the large meeting room as it has 1080p HD quality. So you can see everyone very clearly on the screen. This device also comes with Sony True WDR and IP-based management features. The clarity of the video is immaculate. It comes with the SmartFrame feature that allows you to see each member on focus. It will not take minutes, it takes seconds to get all the faces captured clearly. 4,5 meters is an effective distance to keep everyone recognized. This facial recognition is important for a virtual meeting so that you can pay attention fully to the member that is presenting their material.

Besides the quality of the video, this Aver VC520 Pro also comes with high-quality audio. This series comes with a full-duplex microphone array. It can perform echo cancellation and it has a dual-microphone array with a maximum 6-meter distance. It also comes with the Keningston slot for the security during the conference. It can reduce the ambient noise and suppression of keyboard noise. You also can control the camera remotely and share the video on Social Media such as Youtube or Facebook. 

These products from Aver video conferencing system will give you a decent experience in having a virtual business meeting. It is easy and also flawless. A business meeting can be done anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

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