A Beginner Guide for Bulletproof Helmet

Safety equipment is an important factor that can make big difference between life and death. If you work on the field where you face constant danger, such as a battlefield, you must understand. The protective and safety gear you wear can give you more chance to survive and return to your family, alive. There are many types of protective gear you need to wear. One of them is the Bulletproof Helmet.

What is Bulletproof Helmet?

Just like its name. This is the helmet that can protect your head from a bullet. This is must-to-wear equipment for a soldier when they go to the battlefield. Police will also need this equipment when they work and hold operation to face the dangerous and armed criminal.

But, the bulletproof helmet isn’t only protecting you from a bullet. The design also gives you protection against concussive shockwaves that come from the impact of the bullet to the helmet. So, even though you get hit by a bullet, at least with this helmet, you can minimize the damage on your brain.

The shockwave protection also can protect you from the explosion shockwave. In fact, this is maybe one of the dangerous shockwaves in your line of work. The shockwave to the unprotected head will cause real damage to your brain. So, by wearing this helmet, you can prevent any damage and long-term problem on your brain that can affect your life.

The Bulletproof Helmet Features

If you think about a helmet for a soldier, maybe you see it as the common steel helmet. But, that was in the past. Nowadays, helmet technology has been developed. There are many new features and functionalities you can find on the bulletproof helmet. For example, there is a radio feature.

The radio feature allows you to keep communicating with other easily. You don’t need to take the radio from your pocket. By just wearing the helmet, you also can communicate all the time. This will help the soldier to get information and create an important decision in the extreme situation. In the end, this technology will protect their life.

There are also many military standards for the bulletproof helmet. However, the helmet that can be considered as the best helmet that can really protect you is the one that acquires Level IIIA certification. Acquiring this certification is not an easy thing to do. There are many tests that the helmet needs to go through.

Some of the tests for the bulletproof helmet includes the ballistic analytic system test. This test will tell how the helmet can survive against the bullet impact. Add the universal standard measurement tool, the helmet that passes those two tests are considered to be a good-quality product.

There is also another test, such as the shooting test. Just like its name, the helmet will be shot by the real gun. In the standard shooting test, the tester will use 9mm Uzi sub-machine gun and 9mm Parabellum pistol. Using the respective cartridge and bullet, the tester will see if the helmet receives damage that can put the wearer in a dangerous situation or not.

The Bulletproof Helmet Parts

The bulletproof helmet has many different parts. Each part work and affect each other to give the best protection for its wearer. Generally, the bulletproof helmet is built of the shell, liner cushioning system for making the wearer feel comfortable, and chinstrap retention system. All of those features will help the helmet stay in the correct place, even though you wear it when you move a lot.

The bulletproof helmet also has an extra part, such as side rail, exterior Velcro and skeleton shroud. This will be useful to put other accessories that can help your activity on the field. Then, the most important part is the material.

There are many material types for the bulletproof helmet. But, commonly, it is made of aramid woven fabric, for lighter weight, better flexibility, and good protection. However, this is the outer material or material that is used to cover the core material of the helmet.

For the core material, the bulletproof helmet is usually made of the ballistic material. There are many of them, such as Kevlar or aluminum alloy. Some of the helmets also combine those materials for better protection.

Actually, those materials can give the wearer good protection. However, in order to give more protection against bullet impact, there are many manufacturers add extra material for additional protection. For example, you can find a helmet that has Heat Sealed Memory Sponge pads. It’s not only protecting your head but also makes you feel comfortable when you wear the helmet. And, that’s what you need to know about Bulletproof Helmet.

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