Four Things to Consider when Buying a Budget Laptop

You definitely will need a quality guide of choosing laptop, especially if budget is an issue. Normally, the more expensive the laptop is, the quality is also higher. If you want to purchase something that will worth your money and will last long, of course expensive and quality laptop is the best choice. However, when budget becomes an issue or you just don’t feel like buying something fancy, you will have to limit your choice to budget laptop.

The good news is budget laptop doesn’t always mean that the quality is bad. There are plenty of excellent cheap laptops out there, you just need to pick it carefully. It will be pretty challenging to find a laptop that suits your budget and your needs, so make sure you consider these following things before making the purchase.

Stick to the Reputable Brands

It is true that brand doesn’t always show quality and there are some underrated brands out there that can give you better value over your money. But since this is budget laptop we are talking about, it is best not to take risks. To be safe, sticking to reputable brands will be the best decision.

The thing with popular brand is it spends so much money on advertising that the final price for the customer becomes higher. It means, you actually can get a laptop with better specification if you decide to buy laptop with other brands.

However, when the brand is not reputable, it is hard to find out whether they equip their laptop with good components or not and whether it is built with good standard or not. Even though the price is a little bit more expensive, buying popular brand laptop is safer because at least you know the reputation of the company and the laptop is built with excellent standard that will make it last longer.

Find What You Need and Make Compromise …

Since your option is limited, you need to make some compromise. Due to low price, it is very understandable if the laptop doesn’t come with large hard drive or the most advanced processor. It is fine, actually. You can still get a laptop that you will love as long as you can address what you need. If you often multitask, choose a laptop with bigger RAM, if you need your laptop to work fast, get something with good processor.

One of the best ways to save money but still get a decent laptop is by sacrificing the graphic processor since it is very expensive. If you rarely play heavy games and you don’t do demanding video editing with your laptop, advanced video card is not needed. The regular one will suffice to play small games and watch video with good quality.

… but Don’t Compromise on These Aspects

Making compromise is very important if you want to buy budget laptop. But no matter how much money you want to save, there are just some things that you cannot compromise. You can compromise the quality of the screen or the amount of space of the hard disk, but you need to make sure the laptop comes with a good processor. To perform well without getting you headaches due to its slow speed, your laptop at least must have Core i3 and something lower than that will not do you any good.

Pay Attention to the Build Quality

Last but not least, you also have to pay attention to the build quality of the laptop. Since this is a budget laptop we are talking about, of course the design will not be the prettiest and the build is not the strongest. However, it is still very important to get a laptop that is sturdy and well-built.

Don’t purchase a laptop with too much plastic component sloppily attached here and there just because it is cheaper. The case of the laptop is supposed to protect the hardware component inside. And since laptop is designed to be taken from one place to another, a sturdy built is a must. Otherwise, the display and the hardware components will be damaged even with the slightest shocks.

Plastic is not necessarily a bad thing and the chance is high that you will stick with it if you buy cheap laptop. So, besides checking the material, it is also important to see how well the outer components are put together. Check the chassis and how well the lid is attached to the deck. It might sound trivial but it will really help you getting a laptop that will last long even though the price is cheap.

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