Why Tweet Binder is Important to Improve Your Small Business

Tweet Binder for Small Business

Social media have features that can support various activities to develop your small business, and Twitter has various unexpected benefits to offer with its features, both old and new. Since Twitter tends to have high engagement level and spread information quickly, it can give you insight about what your potential customers like or follow at the most current moments.

You can use tool to “file” all the related tweets about certain keyword, phrase or topic that you think will be useful for promotion. This is like making surveys and notes about your customers before categorizing them to separate files.

Tweet Binder: Data Collection Tool for Twitter

Tweet Binder is the name of Twitter tool that collects tweets from various users, based on the specific words and phrases that you tag. Basically, you make a Binder with specific name, and every tweet that contains words you tag will automatically get assorted to that Binder. You can set the time so the Binder automatically tag and assort tweets from various times; from real-time to the last 30 days. If you do a long-term marketing campaign, you can update the Binder titles or tagged words so you can always get the freshest tweets.

Tweet Binder is the reason why major corporations are seemingly able to quickly make use of popular words or phrases after they become popular. Once the company sees a new trend emerging (such as from Twitter’s Trending Topic), they can use Tweet Binder to tag tweets that contain specific words the company has tagged before. The tweets are then used to concoct promotional contents, including corporate tweets. You can see the result of this strategy in promotions by companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Heineken, NBC, Taco Bell, and such.

Tweet Binder is so popular that Twitter has launched another version of similar tool: Instagram Insights. You can get insights from various aspects in Instagram, from likes and comments to hashtags and influence of the Instagram post.

Reasons to Use Tweet Binder in Twitter

Tweet Binder works as marketing research, marketing campaign and evaluation tools. There are several good reasons why you must use Tweet Binder and Instagram Insights for small business:

  • Get detailed customer insights such as likes, dislikes, trend and demography without spending too much research money like big corporations.
  • Keep up with the current trend and use it to support your marketing campaign.
  • Modify marketing items and products to match what the general population like and dislike.
  • See how the customers feel like certain products or services, so you know how they respond to your marketing campaign.

By spending relatively little cash, you can get customer insight through Twitter tool without spending too much money like big corporations. While your marketing campaign may not be as sophisticated as big corporation, you can keep up with the most current trend and tailor your strategy to grab high engagement level. Twitter technology has grown much for the past decade, and using much of it will help you in doing marketing right.

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