How you can customize your hiring process with Freshteam

Hiring is complex and needs a lot of resources to make it work. If you would go in the conventional way, which is still a common process in many organizations, then you won’t be able to get over with the process within a limited time frame. Not only this, but the resource or applicant tracking system you invest to get the right talent will fall short. Despite that, there is no guarantee that you can get the best talent out of many who had applied for it.

Freshworks is the key to better business software, which is ready to go, easy to set up, and needs minimal customization. All the Freshworks products live up to the promise and Freshteam is one of those. Today, over 150,000 companies trust Freshworks software to run their business.

As we all know about the various Applicant tracking software which is available everywhere to refine the recruitment process. But how to find one which can work on every business set up? Can it serve the purpose? Or can be trusted upon.

Why choose Freshteam?

This is suitable for businesses from all scales and industries and adding to that, Freshteam is moderately priced to suit your budget. It also offers a free applicant tracking system for small teams with necessities.

Freshteam allows users to consolidate information about top candidates out of thousands of resume they receive, to speed up the assessment process. The software is designed in a way that can manage multiple applications with a plethora of tools to help you communicate.

It also has a secure, unified database where all the files related to your recruitment process can be stored for easier record-keeping and making Freshteam ideal for HR teams, recruitment agencies, and freelance recruiters who want to manage all their hiring processes in one convenient platform.

Prospective users, irrespective of the size and need of the company should also consider Freshteam due to the company’s reliable and well-reputed support team. Freshteam also has several knowledgeable agents to advise them on their hiring strategies if they struggle to manage it for any reason.

Benefits of Freshteam

Over the years and with so many software service providers claiming to be one of the best, Freshteam has proved the ability to transform the company’s recruiting experience. The software which comprises of several unique applicant tracking systems and recruitment features and with all the tools which are prerequisite to attract and retain talented professionals.

Single dashboard for all hiring operations

With Freshteam software, HR managers or the recruitment team can have full control over the entire hiring process. They can easily manage all recruiting operations with the comfort of a single dashboard. Adding to it, the customization can make it easier to target a niche. Personalized rules, policies, and candidate information can be read under the same roof. The recruitment team doesn’t need to switch on various tools to make it more readable.

Job postings management in a much-formatted manner:

Freshteam would help you design your own job posting which can be easily shared on internal portals and various job search websites. This can also be modified as per the requirement which is again user-friendly. Then, each posted job will automatically connect to the respective hiring team for the maximum transparency, reflecting the hiring workflow and various stages a resume can go through.

Candidate sourcing at its best

Freshteam has many other benefits that cannot be ignored. The software lets you advertise on career websites which are also mobile-friendly which can be shared on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter. With this easy use, candidates can be tracked and how it converts their emails into an active application. This can also be used to managing employee referral programs, job listing, building customer tracking links, etc.

Helps to screes candidate’s efficiency:

Freshteam helps to find the best cream of talent without going deep into their profile. The software automatically parses received data and converts it into a digital format based on his qualification or set keywords on the posted job. Freshteam guarantees that a rich resume can’t be slipped off from its database. And at the same time, it can be used by many users who are crucial in the decision-making process before the final selection.

With Freshteam, it becomes easy to access and engage candidates, to collect structured feedback, and conduct scheduled interviews. The system will also send out notifications to each candidate and respective team members, enabling a dedicated conversation field with canned responses.

Author Bio: Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improves your marketing, sales, or hiring process.

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