Best Ways to Increase your Instagram Likes

People struggle to get followers on Instagram every time. Jostling for Instagram followers could be very competitive as everyone wants a piece of the pie of Instagram visibility and popularity. Having more followers on Instagram confers authority on an account. No wonder, therefore, brands and businesses are always looking for ways to keep their followers count up. Getting social and relevant on Instagram are both tied to growing your followers’ community. There is no better way to know that a brand is losing popularity than when its followers count decreases. The same way one would also understand that a brand is thriving well through the number of followers it has.

Many have tried increasing their followers count all to no avail. So, the issue is not that people are not trying ways to increase their Instagram followers. The question every Instagram user wanting to increase their followers should ask themselves is this: am I doing the right things in my attempt to get more followers on Instagram? To know the right answer to that question, check these many creative ways you could get more people to follow your Instagram account. If you are not doing any of the following, then you have not been going about increasing your followers in the right ways.

–          Organize giveaways

People like free things on social media. And that is why organizing giveaways always work when trying to get more followers on Instagram. Simply ask people to follow your Instagram account as a condition for participation. This method always works all the time. However, do not make the giveaway a drab unintelligent one, make it one that people would appreciate more.

–          Maximize popular hashtags

This is an efficient way of getting more Instagram followers especially when the account is owned by a brand. You can wrap a popular hashtag around your products or services. That way you are not just using the popular hashtag in an independent way but in a manner that integrates what your brand stands for with the trendy hashtag. This too always works as people tend to trust your brand more and follow it. With this method, you will not only be increasing your Instagram followers, but you will also be creating a loyal fan base of your brand too.

–        Use automation tools to draw users’ attention

An efficient concept for promotion is so-called mass-liking. You should like as many accounts as you can to receive responsive likes. Instagram like bot serves to automate this process, make it easier, faster, more high-performative and rewarding.

–          Collaborate with popular Instagram accounts

These popular Instagram accounts are best known as influencers. You should collaborate with them as they could give you the very followers you want. This kind of collaboration is an effective way to plug into the target audience you want as a brand. They are not called Instagram influencers for no reason. Instagram influencers could affect people in a way that could give you the number of followers you want.

–          Let experts help you

You may not be able to do it all alone to take your Instagram account to the followers’ threshold you want. Get to and allow them to build your followers for you for an affordable fee. Check their service packages –

–          Make posts often

What is the need to of following an account that post just once in a while? An Instagram account is not a social media account you leave to gather dust. You would lose all the followers you have spent so much time and effort to gather if you run your Instagram that way. People are fascinated with visual contents on Instagram. Always post good pictures to keep the account social to gather more followers.

–          Not every time pictures, post videos

This is very true of Instagram. Be creative in how you make posts. Do limit your Instagram account to just pictures alone, include engaging videos too. People are drawn to more to Instagram account that post funny, interesting, and useful videos.

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