Common Sense of the Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium Extrusion

If you’re looking around, you probably will find that aluminium is widely used in many sectors like the industry and construction. Have you ever thougt about the reasons why it has got so popular? The main reason is that it has some unique inborn advantages that other metals like the copper, steel or plastic may not have.

 Advantages of Aluminium

a. For the sake of transport, it’s relatively light and more environmentally friendly.
b. It’s excellent at conducting heat, for which it has the ability for heat recovery and prevention of heat loss, leading to less energy consumption.
c. Not prone to be corroded, being resistant to weathering or plenty of chemicals.
d. A good reflector for heat, light and magnetic waves.
e. Ductile. It can be flexibly transformed into any desired shape.
f. Delicate. Because of the anodized technology adopted, products made from aluminium generally have classy outlooks.
g. Non-toxic. It’s suitable to be used as materials for food packaging.
h. Be of low weight with high strength
i. Be quickly assembled as well as recyclable, which means being able to be remelted several times without harming the quality. Even the residual material in the process can also be reused.

 Extrusion

Since aluminium is of these excellent properties. Here comes the heat of the aluminium extrusion.
Extrusion is the process used to make objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile. Then material would be pushed through a die of the ideal cross-section. Compared to other manufacturing processes, it has two main advantages. One is to provide complicated cross sections, the other is to manufacture work materials that are fragile. All these items ar e of excellent surface finish.

 Applications for Aluminium Extrusions

Due to the excellence of the aluminium and the common use of the extrusion. Aluminium extrusion is naturally used in different fields.
For the fact that the aluminium extrusion has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s warmly welcomed by the transportation industry. Aluminum extrusions are the right materials for some component parts of vehicles like the engine blocks, panels, roof rails, chassis of cars, boats and trucks, etc. For example, in the market, Galuminium’s aluminium extrusion is particularly suitable for auto parts. The auto components made from aluminium have a strong resistance to the harmful effects of temperature, moisture, corrosiveness from road salt.

Because of high demand for automobiles of lighter weights, aluminium extrusions are increasingly in need.
Being good at resisting distortion caused by weather, the extruded aluminum is also adopted in the construction industry. It can contribute to retaining strength and flexibility under roads.

Extruded aluminum products can always be seen in application and production for construction. Some panels and guide rails manufactured by extruded aluminium are used in trailer, shed, furniture construction, etc. Galuminium can stand for that. Its extruded aluminum can create a stylish and elegant design for types of furniture like the sliding window, casement window, sliding door, hinged door, invisible and visible curtain wall, etc.

Thus, it helps a lot in the construction area.

According to the property of efficiently conducting heat, aluminium extrusions are almost everywhere in the products such as automobile radiators, air conditioners, condenser tubes, nuclear reactors and the heating and cooling devices and so on. Galuminium’s aluminium extrusions can apply to the heat transfer equipment for its excellence in conducting heat. Galuminium has once produced many radiators, of which cross section of them are large and regular; the product assembly and surface treatment can be in one step; what’s more, they can be directly installed in the construction site, thereby saving a large installation cost as well as that of the maintenance.

What’s more, in most cases, the aluminium extrusion’s surface is processed; for example, being added the anodized finish. So being corrosion resistant makes it an ideal material for aluminium doors, windows and curtain walls.

Last but not least, the aluminium extrusion can protect products from light, radio waves or infrared radiation, which results from its reflective characteristic.

This article has generally elaborated advantages of aluminium, knowledge of aluminium extrusion and its applications. There is more information about the anodized aluminum which is worth learning.

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