3 Ways to Locate Geolocation API

Finding a geolocation api is possible through multiple ways. The IP address is the most popular method, in addition to the cell signal and the HTML5 API.  This is important because for many businesses, it is important for them to identify the source location of their web visitors. For e-commerce managers, this tells them where their potential customers are coming from. It also allows them to adjust their website’s language, decrease credit card fraud and add country code on forms. They can also use it to counter hackers and illegal spammers after identifying the source of the problem.

ARIN Whois

You can first find the location of an IP through the ARIN Whois database (American Registry for Internet Numbers). This database includes a well-founded mechanism for finding the registration information and contact for IPs registered with it. It is primarily for Canada, the United States, and many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands.

Third Party Websites

Looking up the IP address can be possible through third party websites such as DNSstuff, findmyip.org, or Geobytes. The WhoIs lookup which is provided by these websites shows the name of the Internet Service Provider who owns these IP addresses, and so the country which it originates from. Third party companies also provide specific products for determining the location of Ips, such as Ip2location and Maxmind.

Reverse DNS

The Domain Naming System (DNS) is another source of IP geolocation. Doing a reverse DNS can allow you to find the hostname of the IP address. The DNS query moves from the root to the DNS server of the Regional Internet Registry (RIR), given that the configuration of the ISP’s DNS server is correct. Note, however, that domain names like .net, .org or .com, do not always guarantee that the host is located in the United States of America.

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