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Despite of the debate in website tracking rankings for SEO, the SERP rank checker online has been proven to be a useful and effective tool for website optimization. Basically, tracking the rankings of the website allows you to figure out how far has your website gone and how popular it is. It also allows you to set the new SEO goals for your site and how to work for it. These rankings are analyzed based on the keyword tags that you have set on your website. Usually, you can even figure out how every keyword tag performs. This way, you can identify which keyword that is the most popular on your site and the least popular as well.

With this particular benefit, a lot of SEO agencies use this ranking checker although there have been regular updates and changes in Google algorithm. The tool is still a very useful tool to measure the changes on the rankings following certain optimizations that have been done. With so many different ranking tools available, there are some main features that are owned by the best online checker. Clean and easy to use platform is the first thing that every user needs to have. Be it corporate, agencies or individual users, the client or the user can use the checker tool without any issues. Usually, on the first or the homepage, users can already submit the URLs page to start the rank checking. Then, the result will appear showing on which page your website it and what other competitors working on the same keyword tags.

Users can always choose which search engine to track although the most popular one is still Google. Apparently, some online rank checkers also allow tracking keywords within YouTube which is something great. It definitely makes the SEO much easier because YouTube has proven to be a very useful online media for promotion and search engine optimization. Users can ask for any length of reports from daily, weekly to monthly. Everyone surely knows how fast it is the change on search engine so updated daily and weekly report will certainly be much of help.

High quality rank checker online is an important part of SEO software. This quality allows users to change the search engine location. For instance, you can change it from to Highest accuracy in rankings is always made available by retrieving data from the search engines. As a result, the retrieved data comes in the form of trusted, reliable and updated reports.

So, what have other features offered for users? Well, let’s see how great are the features from Rank Active, one of the best SERP rank checkers. There are four main features being available. Notification Manager is the first feature. This particular feature is specifically designed to create triggers. At the same time, it also sends notifications to users regarding the latest data changes. It allows you to set triggers on the data changes and the rest of the work will be handled by rank checker tool. It basically simplifies the everyday SEO tasks. It is now so much easier for you to choose a product, different criteria, parameter, value, function, and also compared period. This way, there will be no important details that you will miss. And, you can also save more of your time to doing checking and comparison everyday.

White Label is another distinct feature. It is designed and built to provide opportunity to use the product of this rank checker to under your own brand. In other words, it allows you to bind your own subdomain to the account of yours to set up description and also logo. Access Management makes another feature which is built to give access for customers and staffs but also control the admission level. Report center is the next feature. It sends the scheduled SEO reports right to your inbox.

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