Virtual Cloud Desktop is the Future on Computing

Desktop as a Service provides a useful solution that can bring greater flexibility, ease of administration and cost savings to organizations. Here are the three currently available DaaS providers compared.

A virtual cloud desktop is nothing, but a virtual desktop hosted in the cloud. It offers all the benefits of virtual desktops without you having to go through any of the hassle of setting up the infrastructure within your premises or elsewhere. Moreover, it offers more mobility and agility than any other infrastructural set-up that you can design and create.

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Benefits of virtual cloud desktops

There are several benefits of the virtual cloud desktop, given the way they are structured and created. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Easy accessibility: Given that the cloud is the infrastructure on which the virtual desktop is hosted, it can be easily accessed from any location and by using any device. In other words, all you need is a viable internet connection on your device and you can get easy access to your desktop within minutes. So, whether you use an Android device or iPad or even your mobile phone, you can easily access your data immediately.
  • Can run all applications: Another major benefit of these desktops is that you can run any application without worrying about which device you are using. The desktop is in the cloud and it virtually acts like your own desktop, enabling you to store all your important programs, databases as well as other features that you might want to access, while on the move.
  • More flexibility: Unlike your regular desktops, the virtual cloud desktop is more flexible, especially in terms of storage space as well as other important features. As the needs of your business grow, you can opt for attributes that will suit the growing needs, without any hassle, making it the perfect choice today.
  • Low cost: Finally, these virtual desktops in the cloud cost much less than it would take you to create the virtualized atmosphere or even any other setup that would help you get access to data, when you are on the move. To enjoy virtual cloud desktop, all you need to pay is for the subscription, which is lesser than the overall capital investment which you would have made otherwise.


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