Bonk Be Live, Best In Class Social Streaming App That We Have Seen So Far! For Both iOS And Android

Instant messaging apps have become popular among smartphone users. The apps allow users to communicate between two people via GPRS, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.  In the race to offer, better services, several software & apps companies launching new solutions. However, we have only a few surviving in the race because they are innovative.

We have a newcomer in the list, and they are called “Bonk Be. Live” or “Boink Live” offering innovative features that several top-level streaming apps lack today. Boink Live is a streaming app, chatting, and messenger.

Bonk Be.Live Features: A quick look at the features gives you complete information on the streaming & messaging app.

  1. The app selling point has always been consistent streaming capabilities.
  2. A stream can gain you followers, friends, create moments, and you can keep in touch with them.
  3. A user can reach Bonk’s built-in streamer ranking system.
  4. In case, if you like a streamer, then you can send them virtual gifts.
  5. The profile comes with high-customizable options & functions.

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Unique Features

Bonk Live planning to add unique features that are not available on the Facebook app, Twitter app, Whatsapp and other popular apps.

The company has invested millions of dollars in research and development of a streaming application technology related to the fourth-generation technology.

  1. Augmented Reality & 3D

The Apple Company launched the latest iPhone that comes with augmented reality feature Bonk Live currently working to add it to the app. You no longer have to purchase a high-end smartphone to use augmented reality.

The purpose of adding augmented reality feature to the app, so that you can create appealing content for the audience. However, many people mistake augmented reality to virtual reality.

The augmented reality is the next towards the virtual reality, which uses your surroundings to build the world, which makes it easier for the app to produce greater quality visuals.

The augmented reality is next-gen or upgrades to the virtual reality. The VR requires a world and pattern so that you can enjoy the visuals, right. However, in augmented reality, you can use your surroundings; add emoticons, backgrounds, interlaced images, and more. Overall, you can make the content appealing by adding a virtual dog in the background.

The 3D is not a proprietary technology, and you can find it on other apps as well.

  1. Audio & Video Quality

We had cassettes in the past, and they were popular because you can store up to 20 songs in it. However, they also had clarity in it, and you can record your voice using the device. However, streaming apps & services today do not provide high quality, or natural voice is streaming today.

The quality affected significantly, and the technology behind the apps have not fixed it yet. One of the major reasons is compatibility, Internet connection, and hardware.  We cannot blame them because offering high-end solutions for free is difficult in many parts of the world.

The Bonk Live has invested millions in fixing the problem. Now, you can send & receive audio in the highest quality, and it won’t sound unnatural.

It does not matter if you are in a group conversation or streaming live to your followers, it will maintain the audio clarity like no other application.

It no longer matters whether you are having a conversation or a stream between you and your friends because the quality is high-end.

  1. Diverse Post Options

Social media platforms are known for transparency and no-restrictions policy, and it did not matter whether the content was offensive or humanitarian.

Not only that when the social media platform era has come to an end, then the platform deletes everything stored on the platform because it cost them more to maintain than earn from it.

Unfortunately, the social media giants like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and other companies are bowing down to the government. Many countries government are manipulating the rules to advertise the propaganda.

However, Bonk Be. Live or Bonk Live will not restrict the content or stream because of the Government propaganda. The plus point that Bonk Live added is VIP & Premium option, and it helps your content to appear better throughout the platform.

  1. Monetization

Chatting, Streaming, and online presence do not help you to earn bread. The CEO of the company has invited several advertisement agencies and companies. The streamers can make money from advertisements during the streams, and it is similar to the YouTube ads in the video.

A streamer can make money from $1 to $100,000 from the streams without any limitations.

Allow us to introduce three ways you can make money,

  1. Crowd Funding: One of the powerful ways to make money. The viewers can send you virtual gifts, and you can convert the virtual gifts to real money.
  2. Display or Video Advertisements: An opportunity to add advertisements to the notifications, profile, and more. In short, 29% of the followers check out your profile, and you make extra income.
  3. Pitch: have you heard of the sponsorship? You have the attention of the people, and you can pitch your product, service, or anything to sell through the platform.


Bonk Live is going to add futuristic features to the platform. Let us know what do you think about the Bonk Live 3D, augmented reality, and other features in the comment section below.


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