How to get more visitors to your website

No matter what sort of business you run, getting users to come and visit your online presence is essential. Whether you’re an offline business looking to boost footfall by providing essential information online or you’re a fully internet-based business aiming to convert users into customers on the spot, high – or, at least, highly relevant – traffic is a must-have.

Luckily for entrepreneurs, there are many different marketing methods from which to choose. Whether you decide to list your site in directories or you opt for paid adverts on Facebook or Google instead, there are lots of ways that you can do it – and there are methods to suit all budgets and commitment levels. Here are some of the main methods used by internet marketers today.

Content marketing

One of the main ways to drive extra visitors to a website is through content marketing. Using content has a number of aims: aside from distributing information about the business or the wider industry and raising the profile of the firm, it also helps to push you further up the results in search engines. The main stumbling block that many firms come across, though, is a lack of audience. For a new or even mid-sized firm, it’s almost impossible to rely on a big group of readers.

Many young firms instead choose to opt for a guest blogging service that works with larger, more audience-heavy sites. These services include the creation of a blog post for a third-party guest site, and it tends to include a link to the original client’s website – which in turn helps to reward their performance in Google. By opting for a company that offers backlinks packages (a bundle of these posts) at an affordable price, you can fit your content marketing needs around your budget.

Social media

The modern world wouldn’t be the same without Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites, and it’s hard to imagine what life would look like without them. Two billion people are believed to use Facebook every single month, for example, and this means that there’s a great business opportunity to be had. The hard part is working out which social media strategy to use in order to turn those users into customers.

Some entrepreneurs choose to go down the paid promotion route, which has its merits: Facebook adverts encouraging people to visit your site can be targeted to a very deep and detailed level, while it’s also possible to target ads on sites such as Twitter. For those without a large budget, a better choice is often to go for an organic strategy, which means creating non-ad content that people then enjoy and share, thereby helping you build your audience. Whichever option you choose, it’s vital that your business has a presence on the major social sites these days – otherwise you may well be losing custom on a daily basis, especially if you run an online business.

Search engine optimization

Lots of people now use Google, and it’s believed that there are over three billion searches on the site every single day. However, for a business looking to drive traffic to its website, there’s a lot more to think about. It’s vital to “rank” as highly as possible in the Google search results, and it’s something that almost every business with a successful internet presence has had to do at some stage or another.

One way that you can do this is by paying Google for advertising space. This way, your ad will appear at the top of Google search results when people search for certain words – which is a great way to direct people to your page. You can also do it “organically”, which doesn’t require payment. The content marketing tips outlined above will definitely help in this regard, though you can also boost your position in Google by including certain keywords on your page. The beauty of search engine optimization – or SEO, as it is sometimes called – is that it can be self-taught by most people, though it’s often best to leave it to the pros.

As this article has shown, there are all sorts of ways to promote your website and receive more visitors. Whether you choose to go for the social media route or to rely on more established, tried-and-tested methods such as content marketing, there are all sorts of ways that you can improve your website’s standing and acquire those all-important customers.

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