10 Digital Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

If you are a business owner, chances are you’ve already embraced the world of digital marketing. Your primary goal would be able to target your specific customers and ensure interactions which will eventually lead to conversions. However, taking advantage of the digital stage is easier said than done.


There are many ways on how you can improve your digital marketing. We have gathered ten of the best tips to help you get started, and these are the following.

Update your SEO Strategies Regularly

Change is inevitable, as it is the only permanent thing in the world. This also applies to Search Engine Optimization – even Google updates their algorithms many times a year. When this happens, such updates can affect search results in certain ways. Keep your SEO up-to-date to make sure you reach your target customers and that your goods and services are visible online.

Have your Website Built by an Expert

One can only stress how important a well-built, professional and fast site is, but many still find doubts when it comes to hiring an expert to do this. You may have that friend who knows how to build one, but you’d be making better use of your money by availing the services of a good SEO PERTH company to make one for you. A good company will make sure your site is optimised, professional-looking and can catch the eyes of your target audience.

Make Sure your Site is Mobile-Friendly

You come across this tip time and time again – which means you really need to ensure to have your site accessible through mobile devices. Not everyone has the luxury to login on their computers just to see what products and services you offer. Most people are on their smartphones, and chances are, your next client is searching online for a product you advertise. If they can access your site with ease through mobile, you increase your online presence and gain more traffic and convertibles.

Keep User Experience in Mind

Do you mind when a site you visit takes forever to load? Will you buy a product from a company who doesn’t answer your inquiries on time? If you do not want such inconvenience, so does your potential and current customers. Ensure your website is easy to navigate, the page loads quickly, visitors can get in touch with you using multiple channels and that all information is written in a language they understand.

Use Social Media Wisely

According to an article by Brandwatch.com, a total of 7.6 billion people uses social media. With that in mind, it only makes it mandatory to introduce your brand to social media. However, keep in mind that you need to find your place on which social media. Find those pages you’re comfortable of using, where most of your customers are and which page has the most interactions among your target audiences.

Take Advantage of the Blogging Movement

Creating a blog for your brand is an excellent way of introducing your company, sharing relevant and informative contents and increasing your online visibility. Blogging gives the impression that a business is authentic, professional and an expert in your field. You get to enjoy the all benefits of blogging by having a blog that is up-to-date that has valuable content and is optimised with inbound links. Doing so along with a good SEO strategy can help boost the number of visitors on your website, make them stay longer on your page and even turn them into customers.

Build your Email Marketing List

Yes – having a good social media following is essential. But one of the many mistakes many digital marketers make is not having an email marketing list. Did you know that old customers and subscribers from your email list are more likely to spend 138% more than your social media followers? Also, your email list is more responsive than your followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Since they already trust your brand and have confidence in what you do and what you have to offer, they are 3x more likely to share your contents.

Ask for Feedback

Customer feedback is essential as it can make or break your business. After delivering your goods or rendering a service, always make sure to ask for their feedback – good or bad. This will help you make better decisions that can improve your business. Knowing the areas they like or not will give you an idea on how and what areas to improve. You can also use positive feedback to gain more customers – just make sure to ask for their permission before posting.

Check Online Reviews and Respond Accordingly

According to an article by Forbes, statistics show that online reviews do matter. You’d be surprised how many people search for online reviews and how many treat them as personal recommendations from friends. Statements posted online by your previous customers can affect the purchasing decision of potential clients, so make sure to check your reviews and respond accordingly. Acknowledge all reviews, and when you come across a negative one, be professional and appropriate when responding.

Collaborate with Influencers within your Niche

Influencer marketing is, in context, still relatively new. Most of your competitors are either not utilising it, or have no idea how to use it! However, it is a powerful move, which makes it a must to include this on your digital marketing strategy. Establishing a strong relationship with influencers will give you a significant advantage. Since they already have a group of dedicated people who trust them, getting some to introduce, promote and write about your brand will give your company a boost.


These may just be ten tips, but they can surely help you have a winning online presence. Keep this list in mind whether you’re a business owner of a startup company or a digital marketer who needs a refresher. Get ahead of your competitors with these easy but useful digital marketing tips and grow your business like a pro.

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